So, What's your dream? (hyperbolic one)

Yup, my question, what's your dream?
Is it came true? Or did you working on it right now? Or did you gave up already?

How many dreams do you have? How big is it? How small is it? 

Did you pray for them? Or did you wish it upon the falling star?

There's this one dream. One wish that I've been swearing to myself to make it come true no matter what method I use. Depends on who sees it, it could be big, it could be a small dream.

First it was a wish. But I was too obsessed and i realize there's a BIG chance it would never happen to me. I've cried, prayed, prayed until I cried and slept with wet pillows and red eyes. I even say that wish to every wish-maker-stuff I've met.

That wish is seems so hard to reach and there's a big possibility it would never to come true. That's why i called it 'dream'.

It's been almost 5 years since i first wishing for it. You can say it was my ultimate dream!! It was not like a life accomplishment list, nor something I want to be, like a career. I'm a carefree, follow-the-flow type of person, never made any big goals in my life. But I felt like if i could someday make this dream come true, then I could do anything with the power from that dream!!!!

The sad thing is, it was not something i could reach ONLY with my power. I mean, it will be easier if I put much efforts in it, but still to accomplish it would need a big bunch of lucks!! Because the time I could achieve it, the 'dream' itself might no be there anymore...

I'm frustrated.

Because one day, I never knew the fact that my decision to study abroad would actually be the BIGGEST obstruction EVER!!

You might know lah if you read my blog ranting and ANGRY about something, yup IT IS STILL THE SAME THING!!


You may say I'm lebay and stuff. But it was really my dream since I was in middle school TO WATCH THEIR FRIGGIN' CONCERT LAH! 

I was devastated, SO MUCH. But maybe i was an adult enough wtf so i could actually bear with it and secretly hoping it was cancelled/fake/delayed until I could watch it. Selfish, i know.

ONE DAY. I was studying for my Korean test, got so bored, i opened facebook and......... the Indonesia concert has made official and bla-bla I was so sad and i swear to my computer..

So i click the website information page, to make sure it is official and stuff. AND IT IS. *cries*

..... I scroll scroll scroll suddenly......


I was like.......... wtf? I clicked the link to buy ticket like crazy. I was trembling, and i can't believe it was coming true :") I can't believe i was missing this information!!!!!!!

Actually the ticket buying itself was so dramatic. I couldn't buy the ticket with my mac, so i ran to my neighboring room, knocking like a crazy mad woman, and ask to borrow their friggin' computer BECAUSE L'ARC IS COMING!! wtf. 

fml. How could i miss this!! from here

Every Indonesian here might know I was a BIG LARUKU FAN. So they're like congratulating me over even before i got the ticket (because tweeting status is more important than buying the ticket lol)
After i reserve the ticket, I ran (really, i ran) to the ATM, only to realize i don't have enough money because I'm buying 2 VIP tickets. All that action was unknown to my mother / father. HAHAA

Of course after all that commotion, the ticket was saved, I ask my mom to call me (because I'm cheap) and I told her everything. And she was really OK about. LIKE REALLY OK. Don't say anything, and even said ok tomorrow I'm gonna transfer your ticket money ok? 

BEST MOM EVER!! But she got kinda annoyed knowing I'm buying a heat tech shirt. Wow. I guessed my mom is a secret Laruku fan? lmao

I was TRULY LUCKY. Because i bought the ticket almost after 8 days of pre-sale ticket sales is opened. But i still get to buy the nice ticket one! I heard the Indonesia one sold out really fast! I even logged in to the indonesia site to see how many they still had, and they had none VIP seats left only less in an hour!!! Holy cow! 

The nicest thing is, people are truly congratulating me on how I could actually watch them. Like all people i knew, knew that i liked L'arc~en~Ciel a lot. Even my mom, dad, sis, and people are mentioning me in twitter about L'arc concert, i just friggin' happy :")

Now I'm waiting to get the ticket delivered to me, I don't want to jinx it or anything so I'm posting as soon as i got the ticket! *happy happy tears*

As i already got the ticket, I was planning to spend my CNY angpao on forever21.co.kr, i don't think anything about the future of my february because i spend A LOT even before february started. GOSH. I clicked on a wedges ankle heels that i see quite comfortable and I NEED THAT FOR THE CONCERT!

Because it was standing and stuff, I NEED MORE HEIGHTS! HAHA.

I watched this documentary on Laruku concert in Japan or Korea not long ago, people are coming with large bag, and the inside? Concert goodies and HEELS. Really high one. SMART!

If it is as comfortable as i imagine it would be, then HELLO CONCERT HEELS!! YOU ARE MINE!

my online ticket.. i wanna see my real ticket paper ticket fast!!! 


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