I was totally ecstatic about writing all of these!!
But still I'm sad if only I got better information and better camera :(

So ok let me spoiled to you gais what made my life completed.

저는 제 눈으로 런닝맨녹화를 봤습니다.

There i said it!

and please give me the honor to blog about it.

SOOO the story begins with my sister mention me in twitter, about an article in Nate, apparently saying that there's a Running Man recording schedule in Busan next monday. I tried to click on it, but the article is deleted (I wonder why i'm not suspicious about it that time). I want to check the reliability of these tweets, so i went ahead and search for some reliable sources in Naver. But instead of the recording plan i tried to search, it shows Running Man Sherlock edition (which was done in Busan too).

I don't even bother to check the timeline of the one who posted those Nate article (which i later found out, he tweeted the DETAIL locations. FML.) (It's @ChannelYJS btw.)

On the day the filming supposed to happen, i was friggin' bored that day and I almost completely forgot about all the filming ruckus. But i didn't! Because in the end out of bored-ness I went ahead and search for the article on RM filming schedule.


I was SUPER panic. The rumored location is really not far from my dormitory. I was thinking should i go, or should I wait. I called my friends, RM fans too, he said he wanted to go, but he can't so he suggested I wait until evening or so, because logically if the shooting is in a department store, they always did that in nightfall. He even mentioned some episodes with similar locations and stuff.

But then i called my room mate, also RM fan, she said JUST GO DON'T THINK I'LL MEET YOU THERE AFTER I FINISHED MY WORK. And there I went!

There's 2 rumored location, one is Shinsegye Department Store in Centum City Busan, and Jagalchi Market btw.

When i arrived at the department store, you know what did i see, THE STORE IS CLOSED. The suspicion aroused more after i saw high school kids hanging around the closed mall with their uniform.

closed department store. It's kinda a monthly stuff, but i never see a mall closing down sooo

Still they didn't close all of the mall, some of the upper floors are still open for public. So i went to took the elevator to waste some time and to make sure the stuff. Then I was PEOPLE INSTALLING CAMERAS. And I swear to you, RM staffs are cute and good-looking. haha. Totally random.

And a lot of people talks with their phones saying stuff like, Yeah the mall is closed, there's RunningMan recording right now... Even though i was sure from the start, I don't feel the members are there yet. I was thinking they're still in the rumored Jagalchi Market doing missions and stuff. The highschooler are also thinking the same way. But from Shinsegae to Jagalchi it would took too much time, so I don't even think and bother to go another place.

student hanging around Shinsegae! 

I hanged out alone in the closed mall for about 3 hours and so, until my friend (my sonbae actually) came and we waited to together. She used to work around Centum City, so she took me to go around the department store, only to find there's a back door which is a perfect spot to peek on the recording. (Because the main door already filled with students and there's a LOT of annoying guards.

No kidding, when i was waiting outside alone, some annoying directors or something got out and said the recording will took place at midnight, and even if you wait you would never could see the casts. I almost lost hope but i went and wait anyway.

So at the back door, we saw some staff are discussing thing and doing some acts we guessed as 'hiding the hints' around the make up corner. We waited outside (in the winter) luckily there's a slight rain but it's not as cold as windy as normal days.

Anyway we just stand and suddenly, WE SAW SONG JIHYO. GOSH. She wore fuchsia colored hoodie? And she was eating lollipop as she walks passed.

Not long after that, WANGKO HYUNGNIM! JI SUKJIN! He wore gray sweat shirt? Anyway he looked so much fatter in real life, i thought he was the guest at first because he was being followed by a camera holding VJ, but we're not familiar with his style and stuff. But when we saw his name tag... Oh gosh. We try to wave hands and stuff, but he just saw and nonchalantly goes by. If he recognized us as foreign fans... would his attitude change???

wonder what mission did he had to do...............

And then we heard some high school student screams. (I really hate it, when they saw someone, they would bang the door and scream like there's no tomorrow. So annoying!! ) But i was curious so i went ahead and saw, THE GUEST. 

It's LEE DA HAE! I don't know her honestly, but she is so pretty closed by :) I don't zoom that at all by the way. But because of seeing Lee Dahae, I MISSED MY CHANCE TO SEE GWANGSU!! My seniors who stays on our spot sees him :( aaaaa

'stupid' gwangsu with massive winged name tag. HAHA

Anyway we're too tired to do another round of waiting. So we decided to leave the place. BUT SUDDENLY. The legendary announcement... HAHA OUT, HAHA OUT was heard even outside the Department Store. WOW. It's a shame i couldn't see Haha because it means he's gone to the prison alr :(

When we moved to the front door, there's a large crowd hanging out there. We ended took small peek and we saw all the other casts! We even saw Gary! But of course our favorite MC, Yoo Jaesuk. When Yoo Jaesuk went by, all the onlookers where so hyper, me ofcourse, joins the crowd and wave our hands at him. He is SO KIND, he reply our waves!!! Not like *cough* jisokjin *cough* 

Anyway. We are quite satisfied AFTER the next day we heard that the shooting still continues IN JAGALCHI MARKET. AJBGIEVTBKLCGLSZBE. FML.FML. I didn't expect that!!! (of course if i saw @ChannelYJS tweet i would not be surprised because it was CLEARLY tweeted..) But when we knew about it, we thought the recording could be already finished and it was too far to catch too. So we gave up TT_TT 

Anyway again, it still a great experience. I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THE BUSAN EPISODE. And i just hoped when Running Man is filming in Busan, I was more prepared, and i wish there's no class, and i could stalk them and hopefully I could see Yoo Jaesuk close enough. Too many wishes I doubt they would come true. lol!

Closing like a boss with a semi-emo picture.



  1. Wow, you're so lucky to meet them in real life. I wanna too hahaha

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