The Day!! !

Does anybody felt familiar with the word, YES IT'S JYJ DOCUMENTARY MOVIE!!! *gives no time to answer*

I just came back from watching their movie, THE DAY! I WATCHED IT! 

I don't know why I was that frenzy about that, not that I'm a hardcore fan or anything #no offense intended. But honestly speaking, I didn't even know they had a movie! I remember reading so article about that, but I never really pay attention to the details. 

kinda hard to take picture with the backlight zz

I just felt I was being 'pushed' by fate to be JYJ's fan. Seriously! 

Starting that time I got JYJ's World tour in Busan's extra ticket from my friend, it was the cheapest one. But on the concert day, one of Indonesian fan (really, she came from Jakarta only to watch the concert...) got one extra ticket in a better seat. And i just paid around 80.000 won for a 110.000 worth of ticket!! (Because i beg for it. And I've paid 30.000 for my cheapest ticket. anyway..)

Seriously, I only knew 30% less of JYJ songs....

And it continues to the 'In Heaven' CD. My other friend bought 'too much' CD and eventually gave me a pretty cheap discount (only around 1.000 won. lol), but I take it anyway.. 

Today! I didn't had any plan to watch their movie, I don't even knew about their movie.. But my other friend (Seriously, all of these friend are different friend..) got sick, and decided to give it to me........

Like God just effortless-ly gave me opportunity to become their fan!! FATE FORCEFULLY DID THAT. 

It might seems that I don't feel thankful about all the rare opportunities that not all fans could get. But I just felt it was... weird? Do I really am fated to become their fan? But really, i originally Jaejoong's fan back from DBSK Mirotic days, and I'm still am actually. Not as hardcore as i were tho~ 

I just pray that God would give me the chance for an effortless fansign/fanmeeting events. haha. 

So back to the movie. 
It was really a documentary of JYJ's member daily life and activities. And it's either the staff shoots the scene, or they shoot the scenes their selves. And the time the scenes being played, the members would say some comments about EVERY SCENES. THAT's the hilarious part. You'll get to see how the members teased each other. (I mean, teased Junsu) lol

The movie started with the member's house being shoots for first time! From Jaejoong's, Yoochun's, to Junsu's. Hilarious summary : 
-   JJ's cat, Jiji, would always runs away from JJ, you'll see fast forwarded scenes of JJ chasing away his cats. Spotted alcohols in JJ's fridge! 

-   Junsu that always ask to stop filming his house because JJ's house was too 'cool' lol. Instead of TV, the sofas in his living room are intended for watching table tennis game. And his PC-room (gaming room), his acts of animal abuse, machinary abuse and human rights abuse. LMAO. 

-   Yoochun's mother and brother Yoohwan. Yoochun's LP records and books collection. Spotted a Big teddy bear in Yoochun's work room! 

They also covers the member's Chinese New Year (usually Koreans spend the day with the whole family (Junsu with his family and JJ back home to his hometown with his BIG family)

Other activities outside their schedule, JJ with his MT (membership training) with paintball match, Yoochun is snowboarding (with his bro!)

And lastly is their schedule activities such as photo shoots (which is SO FUNNY), make up and preparing time, Junsu's musical, JYJ's fansign and JYJ's Lotte fanmeeting! 

I just want to spoil everything. HAHA. There's so many quotes i could actually quote. So many hilarious commentaries! Even in the middle of the movie, I just want to re-watch it! 

Honestly, I bought a large cup of coffee, because I don't want to fell asleep. I was so tired today, I have to move out from room to room in my dormitory. And it's been years since I watched idol's documentary. i was afraid I was not that into idols anymore, it would bore me. BUT IT WAS NOT!! 

I hope it will be released into DVD or something. I TOTALLY WANT TO REWATCH IT <3 

i want to spoil everything TT_TT should I?

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