REVIEW : Missha's Stay All Day Stick Eyes #2 and #6

Introducing one of quite new Missha's new product, "Stay All Day" Stick Eyes. It's been out for a while and I've had this for a while, but it's just now that I realized I haven't review these ._.


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Stay All Day Stick Eyes"

      type of product      
stick eye shadow 

#2 Beige / Chocolate
#3 Plum / Violet

KRW 8.800
(refill) 4.500

missha site (korean)

I was taken interest to these because of its cheaper price comparing to other similar products by other brand. Recently I see some Korean brands coming out with a new stick eye shadow products, and seeing that this product is also a unique one I just can't stop myself from buying it. This product all come with 2 shades on each side, each shade compliment each other. 

The stick shadows are retractable and the stick shadow is shaped like a highlighter pen, slanted on both side. I personally think the bullet shape is perfect for everything, turn in to the side and you can get a more detailed application, and the wider side for when you're filling in the lids. 

#2 Chocolate / Beige shade is shimmer vanilla beige and brown taupe shimmer.

#6 Violet / Plum shade is purple taupe and deep plum, both shimmer. 

Plus! It can be refilled! When one of the shades are all used, you don't have to buy the 2 again, but just pick the refill for the specific shades. 

In the other hand, the product itself isn't a lot, it's like only 2cm long. (AND I have this problem where the bullet keep coming off the tube ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ) 

Now, this is probably the LESS creamy stick eyeshadow I ever have. It doesn't feel like it when I swatched it, but when it goes on the lid, it's definitely tucking my lid quite harshly. The darker shades are better in texture, but definitely compared to other product I have it's still ranked the worst in creamy-ness. 

Other than that the pigmentation are great, and the lasting power is pretty awesome! Watch gif below :

The harshness doesn't mean that you can't work with it at all. Since the shades are definitely compatible with each other, it's easy to create a look out of this product. 

#2 Chocolate / Beige

#6 Plum / Violet 

I thought this product would be great for those one who just starting out on eyeshadows, since it came with 2 shades in one and are probably easier to work with, the harsh texture on the lid are probably hard to handle for first-timers. Since it's also sets up pretty quickly, blending is another problem I encounter while using this product. 

I don't recommend this for people with sensitive eyes. Well honestly I won't recommend this to anyone at all. 

Overall, other than its unique innovation and it's cheap price, I don't find other things that I like out of this product. The harsh texture is the biggest deal breaker for me, I was going to give this to my mom but I guess she'll hate it too. 

It does have a great lasting power and can get through water and rubbing, but seriously, taking hours to blend isn't making up all of that. 

But, the price point (KRW 8.800 per stick, and you got 2 shades) is pretty affordable, so it won't that huge of a loss if you do end up purchasing it, I don't like it but some probably love it. I say the risk isn't big. 

That's all folk for today's review, I'm feeling quite down lately. So, I'll end my post with this aja deh : 

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  1. WOW! That gif really impressed me!! These seem pretty awesome, and their shades are beautiful, I just wish they were matte :P


  2. wow that sucks that they are not not creamy at all. had a similar experience with the elf penal eyeshadow, when was applying it my eyeballs and llds hurt so bad From application!! Gahh these are such pretty colors though

    Oreleona | Pristine's Bliss

  3. Too bad it's hard to work with :( I though the shades are pretty!

    Pastel Boulevard

  4. Such a shame they aren't creamy enough. I love the shades though!


  5. I love the colors from number 2! :) And the packaging is so pretty~ But it's sad that they are not creamy at all ><

  6. Oh wow!! These look stunning! I freaking wish that chocolate and plum came in one stick! Although a creamy cream shadow is very important, that's too bad it was difficult like that...otherwise the shades are soo beautiful and that's so crazy smudgeproof! Thanks for the review!

  7. The packaging and swatches are beautiful. But thanks for being honest about the bad points too. Saving me money! I have actually never tried stick shadows before- they seem like they would either be hard to blend or too oily haha, my thoughts just by looking at them.

  8. wow, these looks like amazing stuff! & I love your gif of showing they won't smudge when rub! Those are such stunning colors!

  9. I have the Violet/Plum one and have the same issues with it.It keeps coming off the tube and it's very hard.I thought maybe it broke in transit(bought it from ebay,came all the way from Korea to Greece),or it had dried out somehow.It's a pity cause the colours are pretty and they do last,but I don't bother using it much..Now I know it's not just mine..

  10. YES If I didn't purchase 2 sticks I would definitely confused like you are, but since both of the sticks keep coming off then I guess it's the design flaws :(


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