Cafe 101 - #2 301

The first cafe i go to the moment my feet touched Busan :)

CAFE 301!

First, and intro and the real reason why I went to this cafe first, 
It was not a secret that people working in this cafe is GOOD-LOOKING
... And they only accept men. Coffee Prince in real life, eh? ;)

But that public secret is actually kinda true! I can't say it 110% always good looking, because the part-time jobbers are changing all the time! Anw the first time i came there left a deep impression. The bartender / owner is really nice (read later why he is cute and super kind!) and the place is SUPER COMFY! 

The concept was vintage and homey. With a dim lighting here and there, soft blanket, and a ton of magazine, you would never felt the time is running! :D

using only a photo album to make the menu-pan! 

My ultimate recommendation is HOT CHOCO! 

both are nice! (but marshmallow cost another ₩500. I'm petty so i prefer hot choco XD)

Actually the one that is 301 speciality is none than the strawberry bla-bla-bla. I forget the name but it was made so beautifully, and i never actually ordered that too :( 
The drink had strawberries on top craved beautifully like a rose with sparkles of sugar!! Prettiest drink i ever see! You can see it right here! It's in Korean, but the pictures are speaking globally ;)

the served hot choco!

 milk tea with cinnamon!

green tea latte! 

The cutest thing that was 301's signature is how the put a small toy and pretzels in a unique bucket! 

cutest and delicious-est ever

too many people coming with me, we got the special private place!! :D

not a Korean coffee shop if you have a uniformed chair! ;) hooray for the vintage mismatch! 

as a 301's mascot DEERS are EVERYWHERE in various stuff!

Oh just remembered! 301 is one of not-so-many Korean coffee shop that didn't play music according to the trend!!! Like there are a lot of nice cafe but they always plays K-pop songs with upbeat tempo, that's really broke the mood!!! 

So the first time i got there, we heard a nice song. Really nice one!! So we memorized the lyrics, but it failed greatly (duh, it's only been 3 days after we got to Korea). I was so curious 궁금해서 I went to the cashier and directly 직접 asked what song is this. The owner looked confuse at first (of course, broken Korean language) but then he take a small piece of paper, wrote down the artist name. And he slowly explained this is the artist album, and they've played the whole album since we got there.

AWW. The way he really understand we're a foreigner is really touched me!! Because all the older people seems to shouting-shouting to us ever since we came (actually it's just their saturi 사투리 way of speaking that sounds pretty rude). I was touched greatly! And then he slowly explained about the point card and everything :') Plus the good-looking part, he is close to my ideal man! Ha-ha

This cafe went to my favorite since. AND OOH! This is the song! Enjoy! :)

Isn't it nice to hear this kinda song in a cafe. Super galau though ;)

So that's it another cafe 101! 
Sure enough i will back soon to got my free drink!! 


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