told as one source of every sin human make

You steal money, because you are envious of rich people
You steal someone wife, because you are envious of other man wife
You cheat on your test, because you are envious of ppl with good score
and etc etc etc etc

and i never think ENVY is, you know, logical

"You never felt envious because YOU HAVE EVERYTHING!!"

Yes, that might true, i have EVERYTHING I NEED, not EVERYTHING I WANT right?
I know there are people who until know never taste the goodness of electricity, nor freedom, nor good food and home, nor family etc etc

But I, at least for myself, thinks I would never envious of people from today onward

I did felt envious in my previous years, but as long as i remember, i only envious to my friend who could drink fresh liquid cow milk everyday. That's it. And i have my reason.

I liked milk since i can taste. And above all i really like fresh milk. But when i was little, the only thing my mom would give is powdered milk. Which is only taste 3 out of 10 compared to fresh liquid milk. I always demand for those, but my mom never bothered!! Until i figured out the reason

My mom is a busy career woman even when i was in elementary. She had 3 little kids that always call her to go home faster. So the only way for her to do grocery is at lunch time, which is she had to kept her  grocery at her office. Fresh milk wouldn't stand for half a day outside the refrigerator. So even when my mom bought some, it would quickly spoiled and such a waste. 

But now??? I want to drink milk, i go downstair and pay ₩ 1.000 then I'm ready to gulped those down! 

Of course nowadays the problem wouldn't as simple as milk or toys right?

It's about everything, boyfriend, money, branded bags, make up, even brain and physical look. 
And if you asked to me that if i ever envious to those thing, OK honestly, one thing, small and higher nose. and two, slim figure LOL

Ok i kinda hate this nose, so low and the lower part is so so so friggin' jeber. I hate is because when you look my profile, it even not showing a figure of a side-face!! That's why

And still there are people saying they're envious of me. wth?

You know i would never end, I envy you, you envy her, her envy me. wth It's the circle of devil!! Never ending!!
And to avoid those 'circle of devil' expand this method of thinking, If you find someone that might trigger your enviousness, look at her really deep and points out stuff that's your better at her. I don't know about looks, money, family, brain, clothes, etc etc. JUST POINT IT OUT! Just don't say it out loud, But keep in it your heart, and thinks, 'SHE SHOULD ENVY ME FOR THAT!' LOL 

That what you should do!! :D

It's evil, but better than keeping your enviousness and dig it inside your heart isn't it? ;) 


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