Cafe 101 - #4 OKDabang

I was looking through my camera's back up folder, that i did months months ago, and i just realized there are many cafes that i've went and planned to blogged about, but it's just forgotten! It would be wasteful if i didn't do anything 'bout it so here we go!

O K  D A B A N G !

I believed the owner means, OK cafe. Since 'Dabang' in Korean is a quite old saying meaning coffee shop or cafe. But, the way the Korean way says 옥다방 just confused me. I mean you should wrote it O-KAY-DA-BANG instead of OK-DA-BANG. I found this quite weird and totally confusing for first timer. Like me.

So this cafe is famous because it had a Music Box in there! Like a real DJ would sit there and taking request on some days, and she could even tells message, just like the old time radio! 

And the cool thing is, we could take picture inside! There's a lot of costumes and wigs and halloween-costume-related stuff. We could actually ask the DJ to move away, and help us to take photo! lol

Another stuff that's famous from this cafe is... HONEY BREAD!
They're honey bread is rumourly delicious, and moreover, BIG!

Honey Bread and Caramel Macchiato! All in a quite gigantic sizes!

It was delicioussssssss <3
But according to my buddy, it's not as delicious as her first time. She said it should be more crunchier outside and softer inside, and warmer. Maybe it's just her conception, because it was like, her second time, of course the first time felt the best right? ;)

I don't really like how the services work tho. I don't know, but i came on like work days so there's not really much people working. So i have to come front and see the menu, they didn't gave me any menu or wth. It was all in Korean and so small written. I had to pinch my eyes to see better. ck. And then i have to pick up all the stuff myself again. So not really comfortable.


The environment too, not really preferable. Okdabang is located near busiest road in Kyungdae, busy because so many bar, game center, and stuff. So not really a good place to open a cafe. And they usually opens the windows, but that just made it worse.

Just like other Korean cafes, many post its were sticked and there's actually a bunch of post its in our table, so we scribble just like all other guest did! lol

scribble scribble write writeeee

Challenging myself to drew my Kim Jae Wook phone wallpaper


Me and friend did some 'manga class' in the cafe and sticks our works in the chair. But then miracle happened, when we went again to Okdabang, they sticked some stickers and tape to keep our post-it 'works' from falling!!! OMG never knew we are that good! lol


A Little cam-ho moment lol. 

Okdabang is definetly not the place you can relax, but it's a perfect place to hang out, chit-chat and eats honey bread of course!! :9

It said they have a study room upstair, haven't checked! But looking forward on checking later on! lol


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