BUSAN FANMEETING-S! (Boyfriend and Simon D)

It's been a long time since.. i actually... wrote.
But anyways it had been a very VERY VERY exciting week (actually, weekends, weekdays are sucks)
and i cant hold myself to not to blog! lol

So it started when there's an announcement for SIMON D's fansigns and free performance on this saturday (12/11/11). Fansigns is for 200 first people who bought his latest CD in synnara Busan, Somyon. And i'm the lucky 51!

And then next to Simon D, suddenly there's Boyfriend's fansigning for their second single album (Don't Touch My Girlfriend) and it was for 150 lucky people who bought this album in synnara Busan too. The event would be held at 12/11/11 which is TODAY and which is THE SAME DAY AS SIMON D's. But the awesomeness had not stopped. I GOT BOYFRIEND'S FANSIGN! Even though it was in the very same day, it was in a same area and a litttttle bit of different time.

lucky number!

SO first we got to Boyfriend's
It was in Migliore (did i spell that right, meh) in Somyon, Busan. The very same place as B1A4's first fansign in Busan.

SUPPOSEDly it was going to started at 1 PM (you see over the banner, yap 1 PM) and bla-bla-bla how Koreans is really hate the word 'late', the fansigning event is actually late by an hour. We have to stand in lines and wait for an hour. And because i was late to take the numbers, I have to separate with my other Indonesian friend, and basically standing alone for about half an hour #foreveralone. But!! I met these awesome Thai fans that is also a student in Busan! Nice to meet you guys! :D

sawadde ka! (is this right? :/)

Funny thing is they gonna asked the boyfriends to wrote their name in Thai! lol

OK, here's some picture from todays! actually got great place to take picture, but with bad camera. so Enjoy everything you can ;)



great timing! closed eyes! lol 

 the mighty twins!

another great timing! haha 

 what's so funny? lmao

"my marker!  i have my own!!" 


dont you ever wonder what the hell are they talking about 

And here we are to the SIGNS! <3 (oh, their costumes is GREAT anw!) 

down : 인도니시아 팬 사랑해요! Means "I Love Indonesian Fans!"  <3 asked him that! ;P 

down : 그럼 또 와용 <3 Means : Come again!

Actually todays fansigning is not really exciting or anything. First it was delayed by and hour, and it seems the boyfriend member is already all worn out and looks ultimately tired. Their gestures isn't nice either. They didn't asked for handshake, or even bother to talk to the foreigners coming. Maybe they have a busy schedule or what, but it was somewhat disappointing :( But anw i wish them to be all healthy and stuff. 

Next is SIMON D!

ok short, he's nice and short, and is more handsome than his TV appearance. AND he is NICE. NICE. NICE. I even prefer Simon D's fansigning than Boyfriend's

my friend getting their album autographed! 

"Palli Palli!!" so cute lol

I asked him to strike a pose right when he is autographing my album, but it was too fast. sorry bro your picture is not as cool as your pose. only me knows ;)


I said i was AB type (bloodtype) too, and he gave me


Now I'm gonna soak my feet in warm water because my leg is trying to kill me from 12++ hours over worked these days. 

See ya!


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