Absurd Morning Chit Chat

So i was in the mini market right in my dormitory lobby, I was going to print my hand out for today lessons.
so there i was sitting in front of the computer opening my file etc etc. Then someone caught my eyes. There's a Chinese student i've met before in Etude.

He's tall and had a blonde cup shaped hair. Yes, he's a BOY. His voice is incredibly loud and his appearance is quite eye catchy.
But one thing i realized as soon as i catch his eyes. He had done plastic surgery. I am really sure he had double eyelid surgery. And his eyes are still in a after surgery state, still had red marks and it somehow bloates.

and anyway i met him again. And i over heard this absurd convo between him and the mini market copy machine ahjumma

ahjumma :
"오! 오늘 모자 안 쓰고 다니는구나..이거 니꺼 맞니?"
"Today you didn't wear your hat? is this yours?"

that Chinese boy :
"네..맞아요! 참깐 하나도 할게요!"
"Yes it's mine! Wait i have another one coming!"

ahjumma :
"오! 너.. 그거했어??"
"Oh.. Did you did that?"

that Chinese boy :

ahjumma :
"아이고 왜 계속해!"
"Aigo.. Why did you did that again!"

at this point i still think they talked about the ptask that Chinese boy print. I thought the ahjumma was telling the boy printing too much lately.. Until i overheard the next convo...

that Chinese boy :
"아니예요 전 안 했어요.."
"No.. I didn't do that again.."

ahjumma :
"안해도 괜찮다!! 그래도 예뻐!!!"
"You don't have to do that!! You're pretty [yes the ahjumma said pretty instead of handsome] even without that!!"

that Chinese boy :
"네... 저 계속 안 할게요..."
"Yes.. I won't.."

ahjumma :
"넌 여기서 하면은 더 비싸지 않겠어?"
"Aren't it's more expensive to do that here?"

that Chinese boy :
"아... 아니예요...."
"No.. Not really..."

wth? does every ahjumma or every citizen in this country had the ability to differ natural face and reconstruct face? Even his face is really look normal than the time i met him. Wow.

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