Cafe 101 - #3 Painted Chair!

P A I N T E D   C H A I R !

.. AND another post about my cafe freak-ness in Busan, South Korea!

The gallery cafe, Painted chair is one of my favorite, and this post will tell you why! ;) 

Ok here's the reason, 

FIRST the owner speaks English fluently!! And of course if you have been to Korea, this is somewhat a rare found. Her name is Cindy, she spends her childhood somewhere outside Korea (explained everything). Not only famous in Kyungsung and Pukyong Uni students, this cafe seems to be famous around foreigner because ONE they had English speaking owner and menu, TWO they often hold foreigner's party or art exhibition including wine tasting party! well the point is her ability to speak English is enough for reasons to come back again :) eventhough she never gave services or anything to us :(

cute spoons also is the reason! :D

SECOND their coffee and food is delicious. LIKE VERY DELICIOUS. One thing that i could never forget, their brownies tastes heavenly and i'm pretty sure they stole the recipe from the gods ;) It's like a combination between brownies and chocolate fondant!!! crispy outside but 'menye' inside. But it's still tasted lyk a brownies. Remembering the taste just make me teary-eyed. They just have raised the price, so the brownies just become a lot smaller.

the heavenly brownies :')

after the abuse. ₩ 6.500 gone in a minute.

One more thing, instead of sugar, they put vanilla ice cream in my vanilla latte. Which accompany the sweetness of the brownies PERFECTLY. 

must order vanilla latte with ice cream! 

Not forgetting their awesome oh so expensive delicious waffles!!! :9

self service green tea latte!

THIRD reason, their location is pretty much near my dormitory. When i just want to chill out especially in school day, painted chair is my ultimate choice. And that handsome shop manager downstair. 
Painted chair actually had 2 stories, the first story with balcony, and the second with the gallery nuance. On working days usually it's easy to take the balcony spot, but in the weekend the balcony spot would be full with smoking people. So when i took the photos i was in the second floor.

wondered who draw these stuff. awesome!!

FOURTH reason, instead of sticking post-it like crazy or scribbling on the wall, they have set up some 'chair's for you to put your messages!!! I was so fitted in their name it self, and instead of making everything dirtier, it was somewhat become a unique decoration

feel free to make your own chair!

Amongst of all cafe in Busan, Painted chair might be the 'artsy'-est cafe you could ever found. Even though in my opinion their price is too pricey for college students (and they just raised some of their price o_o ) But their concept to order and pay in the same time is great! so i could leave the cafe without have to count how much i should pay etc etc. So it was nice and I definitely recommend this to everyone coming! :)

still a lot to go! :)

And under painted chair they're some clothing store that is great too! I shopped there once and the shirt i bought had become my favorite one!

PS. after a loooooooong time hiatus of my k-pop freakness it's officially come back because i bought Super Junior A-CHA repackaged album!!! :D wait for it!


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