The Day I Lost 1/8 of my ALLOWANCE for this MONTH

YES, they have STOLE my money.

And who are they? K-pop albums. YES. THEY STOLE my money. ROBBER!! :(

I bought total of 3 CD, Super Junior A-CHA, JYJ In Heaven (blue), and B1A4 second mini album. Enough for robbing me already.

Why B1A4? 

In one time I had to pay for K-pop albums I've been asking my friend to buy it for me.
It's been a long time since I had bought my last K-pop album. The last was B1A4, their first single, just because i could get in to the FANSIGN (in Busan)!!

PROVES! to: FILIA. lol.

and yes i did that.
I met all of them before I was even knew their song. But anyway meeting them made me liked them.
Be jealous guys, because i didn't even knew their name.
anywaysss so yeah, all for the best!

First, Super Junior's A-CHA. I bought it just because i could get a lottery to attend the fansign. But I was unlucky. AND IT WAS A BIG MISTAKE.

only this small. cost so much. I hate you SME

Only 75 people per group (there are 2 groups, first is Lee Teuk, Kyu Hyun, Shin Dong, Ye Sung, second group is Eun Hyuk, Dong Hae, Ryeo Wook, and Sung Min? It i were correct. I forgot). AND in the third / fourth day of the purchase day, there are a friggin 1.000 people already signed up for the fansign.

... And why I still hoping to get the fansign again?? Bought the CD for ₩ 15.000. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER.

140th person in the first day. But 2.000++ people joined. wth?

But i forgave them just because their member photos are interesting.
doesn't mean i like the song. I mean like, really Super Junior? A-CHA? :/

The Men in Black (and Shin Dong in photoshop better body!)

 nice bodeeeeeeeeh. or is it....?

love how they look like their all in the same height as Si Won!

Next is JYJ In Heaven!

Is this really blue? or gray? :/

nice back cover design!! 

thick photo book and a CD with sky as it's picture. I didn't regret it at all

I bought the CD totally by accident. I never want to bought that stuff. Even though I heard it was limited edition, I still didn't want it.

But my friend, miscalculated and bought one surplus! So i bargained it and got ₩ 1.000 discount. Yeah it's good enuf..

I wish they use this picture for the poster instead :(

B1A4 second mini album, pray for me so i could get the second fansign!!! <3

apparently most of Busan residents buying B1A4 album will get Baro's picure card. 'B'usan and 'B'aro? :/

One thing, apparently Busan is quite small for my friend said she knew Sandeul because they live in the same neighborhood! Hem. And how she could knew i liked them? I never talked to her anyway, neither i knew her name. HEM. suspicious :/ lol

Overall, I was disappointed by Super Junior's A-CHA but rather pleased by the other album (thick photo book and good songs) :) I might going to do K-pop album diet for the next semester. or the next, next, next semester. I want to stop buying albums :( please help me :(

lastly! my nail!! LOVE IT!!


watch the greatest love and you'll understand. I'm especially weak to commercial.


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