WHAT? What the hell is 5th of May?
If you guessed Children's day, yeah you are actually right but NO YOU'RE WRONG.

It's the day when my dream had gone to become a reality.



The concert was in Seoul, Jamsil 실내체육관 which was indoor and rather.. small. You know for someone who always fed on Laruku's concert DVDs and saw mighty stages, this one was nothing. 


 L'arc concert GO GO GO! Notice my sis wore my 'Damn! I Love Indonesia' shirt!

I almost when crazy, even until now my throat still aches and my voice are as sexy as hyde (I wish. It comes out more like a weird ahjusshi right now :S)

Anyway! don't even asked me the song list. I don't even remember, I sang to everything and jumps and shouts to hyde whenever he is close by. lol

But i remember there's Chase, XXX, Driver's High, あなた, 虹, fate, stay away, Link (Kiss' ver), Ready Steady Go, Good Luck my Way, Forbidden Lover, Honey, etc etc, not my favorite song lists ever, but I do know almost all laruku songs, but DOESN'T MATTER I SAW HYDE.

 It started almost at 7.30 and ends at 10.00++ I don't remember but it was almost 2 hours? It felt SO SHORT. Time flies. 

after the concert!!

Of course 'Niji' was the encore song and on 'Anata', it was the most beautiful moment. all the fans sang along, Ken and Tetsu dropped their headset and listens to the fan. And

This time at the MC part, Ken went to Insadong and Dongdaemun? I guess, and bought Yuki some stuffs <3 Well you beats me, Korean is not my first nor second language, and Ken spoke with a HEAVY Japanese accent so, yeah, I don't really get what did he said. But still it was so funny seeing Ken opened a letter full of katakana version of Korean, and he was trying his best to read Korean. 

Anyway Ken bought Yuki two little taekwondo statues, a phone strap (?) with a crying baby voice, a Keroro and Pororo starps, and T-shirts with either dog or bear portraited on it. Still, I saw a video in Jakarta, where Ken gave gifts to Hyde, and how much cute he looks when he played with the stuffs <3

I can totally watch this video 1000x times. Credit to pokcay @youtube

I did record some, but it's not a really good quality TT_TT 
I wanna show you guys HOW MUCH CLOSE I WAS WITH HYDE.
still I'm sad not to watch them in my home country. Would be so much priceless. OK NEXT TIME NEXT TIME IN JAKARTA.

 before the concert! 

Anyway, There's still a lot of Japanese fan that come to the concert. I heard the rumor that they sell the ticket to the Japanese's fan first before even opening in Korea. So, I don't know... but the Japanese fan did brought/wore merchandises from L'arc's concert which I'M JEALOUS TO DEATH. 

The merchandise stand, which nobody was lining for. 

I was taking pics of the venue, in the noon when there's nobody around. My sis asked me to stop taking pictures because people might think nobody comes to the concert. lol. 
But really, nobody really come early, so the stand had nobody queuing.

 a big air balloon outside the arena, I believe it was the fans' gifts to L'arc <3

I did bought some merchandise, 
I bought the Eco bag, the World Tour T-shirt, the stickers, and the light stick.
All cost me around 70.000 won!! 
plus a Butterfly CD and P'Unk~en~Ciel album, only for 15.000 won! 

 my merchandise and close up shot of the lightstick. 10.000won for using only once. 

Camwhoring with the expensive-once-only light stick.

I did met with other Indonesian, mostly students studying right now in South Korea. I was totally happy seeing there's still Indonesia wanting to watch them. Even though I believe I'm the youngest. lol.

BUT, one of the Indonesian, if you're a big Laruku fan you must know this, CAUGHT TETSU'S BANANA. That's sound so wrong. LOL

proud Tetsu's banana owner!! So excited!! 

 the label! Mukimpo Mukimpo Mukimpo!! 

Me myself only got the feathers from the encore stage. lol. THAT'S OK THAT'S THE ONLY THING I WANT *cries*

People where like panicking over the confetti. Just found out that the confetti where printed with L'arc~en~Ciel and L'Anniversary over (Like the one in my Butterfly CD). Too late when I realized it no ribbon was left *cries again*

Anyway the L'arc fan cafe, Korean ofcourse, made an event! 
In the end of the concert, which is the NIJI song, everyone should wrote 'THANX' in the fashion my phone did it, and we'll rise it together. 

Mine was so small, Did hyde even read it T^T 

That day would always be in my memory :))
Luckily the weather were also nice and all! So bright I had to rock out my sunnies! 

Thankyou so much L'arc for showing me my deepest dream!!!! <333333 
Now I don't think I could let go of L'arc haha


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