Nail Polish EDITION! #1

This is been a long long review posts I've made since weeks ago. But because of all the busy student life (and procrastinating), I decided to make a review out of Korean brands, focusing on their nail polishes!! My collection might not be overwhelming but I just stating my opinion about each brand, and  give a more information for each of them, since I know it's not easy to get Korean brand outside of, you know, Korea. 

I've been making this post as a whole big review post, but I found them really long and tiring, so I decided to divided them by brands! 

So, here is the first post! I will try to update daily for other brands, as they were already on my drafts.. Beware of updates! 

Innisfree is one of Korea's make up brand that promotes green life style. Recently they are promoted by Girls' Generation, Yoona. Somewhat like Korean version of 'The Body Shop', with more green products originated from Korea.

Now introducing my Innisfree nail polish collections :

Innisfree's Eco Nail Color, from left to right 
봉숭아 꽃 살구 (Apricot's Flower Balsam?) No. 9
가울 여행 (Autumn Trip) No. 64
젤리 핑크 (Jelly Pink) No, 49
익은 감귤 (Ripe Tangerine) No. 8
허브 요거트 (Herb Yogurt) No. 83
허니 골드 (Honey Gold) No. 53
꿈의 눈꽃 ( Dream's Snow Flower) No. 74
Eco Top Coat 

I could say this is my favorite one. The packaging is nice, and the polishes are not that bad! They had quite a large selection from pastels to vivid, from shimmers to glitters, and they have this nice consistency. Even though applying nail polishes with the brush could be tricky (since the bottle cap is round, kinda difficult to have a steady hand when applying). 

The price is quite in the higher range, starting from 2.000 KRW and higher for glitters or non-basic color, even if you could get more discount I think you need a VIP membership card ...... which is difficult to get, almost impossible, if you're not Korean or not currently residing in South Korea.

Basically Innisfree is focusing on organic make ups and skin cares. Recently they were famous  for their eco science products with marine plants from Jeju ocean's eye cream which have been stock outed for weeks!  

Favorite one <3 Apricot Flower Balsam, Herb Yogurt, Ripe Tangerine

One more thing! Try to go to Innisfree website, not only they have the colors collection there, they also had some nail tutorials there! (In Korean though. But pictures tells 1000 words that should enough)

 inside their website! check them out! 

My instagram pictures of nailart. Made by Ripe Tangerine and Apricot Fruit Balsam, topped with Etude's Matte Real <3 chipping a lot because I'm lazy to wait it until it really dries <3

That's all folks for the first review! Wait for the next one, if they're upped already I'll post the link below! :) 


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