Nail Polish Edition #2

The nail polishes did not have the best packaging and the colors collection is not really my type. As i should described it, mature colors. I mean my auntie and my mom bought the most polishes here when they visited me here.

Nature Republic nail polishes, from left to right :
Glittery bronze color waltz BR901
 Shimmery coral pink color waltz BE101
Neutral Taupe color waltz BE103

cropped from their website

They don't actually have color names on them, so i had to make their own. To be honest this is not my favorite collection, mostly because of its unappealing appearance. And its texture is watery, but it dries relatively quick.

And how the just put everything in one box (the sale ones) is just unappealing..

The price is really affordable, starting around 1.000~ KRW. They usually had this randomly selected polishes mountain which is all 1.000 each, and they are there for the whole year. Not only the nail product, all their cosmetic products is actually in an economic prices, sadly their website is not open to online shopping.

Recently they're promoted by KARA's Goo Hara and Jang Geun Suk, before them it was JYJ andddddd I abused ALOT that Jaejoong's cut out in front of their store haha

Taken from my instagram (@filiap). Nature Republic Neutral Taupe :* loving it! 


  1. I WANTTTT !! haha cute nail polishes <3


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