Nail Polish Edition! #4

How can we talk about Korean make up brand's nail polishes without Etude House?? lol

Currently promoted by Shinee and 2NE1's Sandara Park, I believe they were the most well known brand around. Even you could spot an Etude House's stand almost, EVERYWHERE here. Mostly because of their pinky stores *and strong sweet fragrance* and the store that actually looked like a house they're really easy to spot on.

Nail polish-wise, they are the cheapest, colorful, and cute packaged Korean polishes. The variety of the colors always are unique and added periodically. They also have the dupe of magnet polishes and crack polishes also with budget friendly prices!

The greater thing is, they often held nailpolish event, like buy one get one (which mean you could get the cheapest by only 500 KRW) or 30% all products discount (which mean you could get the cheapest polish by 700 KRW). Even when it was not on sale, they are already cheap.

Anyway this is my go to polishes, if I like a color i would just buy it because the quality is above average I know it will be a good polishes (except my neon yellow one. Totally disappointed)

The sad thing is, even though Etude's product is the easiest product to reach to, especially in Asia region, most of the stuff is overpriced! Almost 3 times more expensive than the original price (especially when it is on sale. CRAZY!)

My favorite polish line from Etude's is..... The MATTE REAL top coat!! Magically turns every color into matte finishes!! So you don't have to buy another polish in matte, because you could turn anything you had to matte with this top coat!
So far my favorite product

Every matte finishes i had in my nail is because of this bad ass lol
I bought this on buy one get one promo, so I get this package!

sorry, amateur stuff

Another one is Jelly pop top coat, said that it is make your nail shinier, long lasting, and contain some vitamins, but i haven't tried this one. But matte real had been my BFF these time so I'm totally looking forward for it!

OH! I also had the black crack dupe! It's actually worked really really well! <3


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