In order to keep on my Korean skill and the-craziness-my-friends-had-been-because-of-this-drama, I recently finished Korean drama titled BIG, which I assume you K-drama fans might have heard of. Aired this summer 2012 from KBS, starred by Gong Yoo, Lee MinJung, Miss A Suzy, and Cross Gene's Shin.

Honestly speaking, I'm not a drama freak girl. I get tired easily watching dramas which have obvious endings, boring storyline, and I'm telling you not many drama get passed my criteria, even Kim Jaewook's Coffee Prince, i could never finish it. Maybe because when I watch drama, I watch it.  Like I  watched everything closely not just like fast-forwarding every boring scene, because I love watching the details!

But this drama, BIG, I watched it little by little twice a week because i followed the real broadcast back there in Korea, so every Monday and Tuesday night, it's BIG time!

Big time!! Or not

I can't say the story line was that interesting, or original. Its another soul-swaping incident between 30 years old something doctor ahjusshi and a high school kid, connected by the ahjusshi's fiance which also the student's teacher. If i had to explain to somebody what is the storyline, simple, i just said : "Its like Secret Garden, but it's the boys who swapped souls." 

But hey, my friends are in HUGE fans of Gongyoo, and I can't say im not attracted by the cast, they really looking forward to this drama and I got also the sudden-frantic over Big too. So, I watched it. 

And why, see the title again, did I rage over over Big now? 


....... really? KBS? this is what you got? 

No GongYoo, I'm not complimenting you. NO

Honestly, the first half was interesting. 
And then, you get curious how will the story ends and the reason why did the two unconnected souls could swapped and bla-bla-bla secrets unfold bla-bla-bla. Somehow there's a lot of dafuq moments which make it interesting.

Until you get to the final episode, I was like WTH? 

NO EVEN YOU DID NOT HELP. but you are indeed very cute :3

The ending suck real bad, It's not a happy ending, neither sad ending, just, WTH. I don't think it's how drama should ends. It was really vague, unrealistic, and ...weird? I just felt I wasted my time for drama like this. I should spend my time for a better drama...
I felt like I have to stop on some point, but I did continue it anyway because I had nothing else to do in this summer holiday #firstworldproblem

And maybe I took pity for the one who act as the real Gyeongjun. Gyeongjun-ah, If I'm the one who made the drama, I'll make you act since the 8th episode until the end. And it will be so much interesting if he did woke up!!!!! Oops spoiler here. But anyway, he did a great job sleeping acting here ...... I guess?

It just don't make sense! It's not like Shin can act, I believe he did debut first as actor, filmed some advertorials too. why WHYYYYY

"So...Pretty face and the ability to act sleep anywhere anytime and speaking gibberish English...? That's the casting...? ... Just that?"
"Yes, Shin-ssi. Just that."
And that's how I imagined the conversation between the casting team and Shin.

Even though I sounds like I'm siding with Shin, you are wrong. I'm siding with the most epic character, the one that a little bit saved the drama. The one that I think supposed to be on the promotion posters, replacing Shin. Because even though he is a sub-character, he really lived up his scene! I truly hope he could star more drama after this

Epic star

One question, why did the production team made this story? Or why did Gongyoo agreed to star in it?
Maybe Gongyoo took this offer without reading the script to the end. Or maybe the production team just wanted Gongyoo to act like a 16 years old, so they made whatever story so Gongyoo could be a highschooler. So, voila! 

But, in the end this is purely my opinion. I believe some people really enjoyed watching Big (or Gongyoo, I must say, or sleeping Shin, or Suzy) I did enjoy the cast-line! For me, it's the sucky-est drama I watched the whole year. Maybe I did over-reacted a bit, because I never saw drama until the end if I know I wouldn't like the ending. But I just forcing myself to watch and received a total KO with a punch in the face with this drama...

......Yay for Gongyoo comeback to drama. should have chose better drama, but still, welcome back! 
... And ....Yay for Shin to sleep next act together with big stars! Goodluck with your promotion with Crossgene! 

So...... Yay....... for KBS......... for Big...... just... yay.............................

But seriously,

Don't hate me.


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  1. I agree with you. The drama suck. I just watched half of the drama and not interested to know about the ending. I enjoy watching SBS and TvN dramas more.


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