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OH YEAH it's been a while since I blogged something :/
Feel like I'm failing my own................blog

Whatever. I've been busy sleeping and playing, getting ready for the new semester, and stuffs. Oh God, Why am I so lazy these days :/

Anyway, If you're a student like, you might feel like this too. New semester, repairing your body-watch after long long nice summer vacation, had to feed so your brain would actually work again. Not fun. 

But sometimes, a little something new would perks up your semester! For me, it would be my new bag, and shopping for stationary! Yay for Korea with their thousands of magic in their stationary!!! It's like a fancy world with limit-less cutey-cute design for everything you need fot school. It is really limitless unless you're poor and cheap like me. 

AAAAnyway since I'm a student and school already started from last week, I already started to filling up my big canvas bag and here it is! 

This stuffs will never leave my bag, unless I forgot them (which happens quite almost everyday.) 

1. Note book (with no lines). Because my major is not something that need a lot of notes and memo, I just prepare one quite thick notes for every class. I also prefer notes with no lines, so I could easily scribble and draw something on it lol

2. My room key!!! I lost mine twice already so I always always always put a really big key chain. And it's easier to pick up to from the bag! 

3. My wallet.

4. Lipbalm! 

5. Mini perfume. Because you'll never know when your friends decide to go to 밥골 or uni canteen with reeks cooking oil smell :( 

6. My sunglasses. It's summer here, i just put it there and almost never wore them. I don't know why :/ (because it look cool? lol)

7. My stabilo-s! These little stuff would instantly color and brightens up your text book!! And keep you awake for that 2 hours straight theory class!

8. My agenda. Minty color with a rainbow giraffe. Nuff said

9. My phone! With the magic of Korea's 4G it keeps me happy and informed :)) 4G i misses you so much!!!

10. Mirror. This mirror is actually a Korean souvenir, i bought it in a souvenir shop. I really like it because when you open it, there's two mirror on each side, one is the usual mirror and the other is a magnifying mirror. If you're a eye contact wearer like me, you would be so much easier to use the magnifying sides if something gets into your eyes :/ 

11. Lipglosses! Nuff said too. 

And talking about new semester!! This is the last time i would had to spend sometime on nailart. Because i tend to procrastinate once the semester got to its peak :( SO!! Gotta show you my new nail! 

I'm using Etude House's nail polish and some square studs! Not really something new lah, just sticking some studs to my nail. But if I'm not lazy again, I would like to recreate Mode style nail art using gold micro beads and dark nail polish! 

I personally really like this color. Light neon blue? Something like that. Because I know mint is the color this season, I'm not wasting my time not buying mint colored stuff! It could go anytime soon!! 

Anywaaaaay for students out there!!!! 
Light out your fire again for the semester because regrets always come WHEN YOU SEE YOUR FRIGGIN' SCORE! which happen to me every other semester. haha #(sad)quote

So keep on your young spirit burnin'! 
Light it up with colorful new stationary or DIY and reform your stuff, or even your nail! (Can't reform sih, but decorate OK! lol) 

I'm also trying to survive tornado that trying to blow my spirit fire off, and an actual tornado that hit Korea not long ago. AJA AJA FIGHTING! 


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