Cafe called '골목'

If you ever come to Korea, especially to a places that is really crowded,
like for example streets in front of a university,
you'll find that there's really a lot of small streets
filled either with street shops, clothes, food, and cafes.

Road that is really small, like 'jalan tikus' or 'gang' in Indonesian,
called 골목 read : 'golmok' in Korean.
There's a lot of popular golmoks in Busan, SK, such as old books golmok in Nampodong (forget the Korean name, but Running Man once did their mission there.)

One time, my friends found out a magical place. They described the place as a little garden that had many small lighting around the small road, and everything is available there.
That's probably true.
Golmok is the name of the place. They almost had everything!
They had cafe, small theatre, Japanese styled and western styled bar, winery, restaurant, small garden, and a maze-like buildings.

Unfortunately I went to the cafe at night, so i couldn't take the maze-like buildings.

The feeling of the cafe is just really different. 
Because it was away from the main street, 
it was nice and quiet. But it's not boring at all.

The menu's pictures are hand made!! :o

This cafe was used for a drama 친구, starred by HyunBin!
They sticked the captured screen pictures of the scene

The cafe is fulled of vintage and classic items!
Super cute stuff below, popular drama phrases in old kids postcard!

Is stitch-es counted as vintage? lol
Not only cafe, this place actually also serves wine 

Thankyou so much my companions! lol
we really talks a lot that time SO MUCH FUN hahahahaha

Let's go agaiiiiiiiiiin! 


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