Kalap Day

That day of last last week, 
when suddenly out of nowhere........ a lot of make up stores go on sale! 

Panicking mode. 

First thing I bought!
The Face Shop - Styling triple eyes in Brown Nuance. Basically just a triplet eyeshadows. Actually it does ok and i use it almost everyday now!

But it fell down the other day and the glittery yellow broke into pieces :(
The other two are ok, i think because the yellow is more to a glittery texture it easy to broke, the other two is more to a satin finish, so even if they were put in one eyes, nothing too shimmery. Because after that i just took some cotton pad and pressed it back to normal lol

Next is Clio Espresso gel liner MINI sized!!

From left to right :

No. 1 - Beige shine
No. 2 - Golden Khaki
No. 3 - Star Purple
No. 4 - Dark Choco
No. 5 - Golden Black

All the mini version also comes in regular size.

Now that i thought about this again i might be crazy. Because i never loved auto pencil liners.
But this one is really cute, can't resist!! 5 of mini sized - you must have - gel espressos! Which is their new product, a gel liner that once it sets up, it sets.

They have so many different color from neutral to bright and fun color! If you want to try these liner instead of buying the normal size, this one would be so much economic and fun!

I think the original sized is prized about 11.000 KRW but this mini size is about 18.000 KRW. I almost never used auto pencil liner so I guess this mini little friends could last me forever. The original one comes with mini sharpener on the end but the mini version didn't come with it. oh well

Next thing in my shopping bag! Eye and lip remover and a cuticle balm!
Nothing much i could talk about these two, but the remover is really nice!

I never really liked the one that you have to shake because often it is too oily and i don't like oily stuff because I usually put on some glasses after i erased my make up. Glasses wearer, you know how that feel :(

But this one is really nice, not really oily but still clean really well! The cuticle balm smells good too :)

At lasttttt
it's the trend for these Korean make up for coming up with their make-up fixer.
Because I can't pay for 40.000 KRW ++ for a water to spray on my face.

This make up fixer comes together with Face Shop's Lesson 01 series. I think this one is pretty much did its job. But Korean really like those dewy, sparkly finish which I can only saw as : OILY FACE.

And if you had an oily face, I'm not recommending these to you. Shocking, really, because Face Shop still going to make something called 'Radiance Make Up Fixer' in their Lesson 02 series, which i believe going to make my face look like an oil mine. Unless you're a dry skinned and would love glowing look face then go ahead and buy it! ;)

I'm just really happy that a Face Shop store just open near my university, now i don't have to travel far to get to Face Shop. Their nail polishes is amazing! haha
Nao I'm just waiting for Lioele to open near here then no more Somyon trip for make up shopping wuahahaha


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