Mouse Rabbit!

You all K-popers Super Junior's ELFs must be familiar with the title I present you with.
It's a cafe that Super Junior's Yesung built, together with his brother. Or so that I've heard.

It's located in Seoul, near Konkuk Univ. station and out of Super Junior's cafe I've heard about this one might be easiest to find, and the tastiest!

The cafe itself it's quite big. It located on the hook of a cross roads. Not on the main road, but I swear to you it's big and white and it spots itself!
First Impression : Pretty! The cafe is really pretty, you can see the exterior is somewhat a mix of modern and victorian taste. Considering it's not a franchise but a self managed store, the design is good!

Mouse Rabbit coffee have 3 stories, first is for ordering and I forgot but I don't think you could sit near the order bar but the patio is for smoking area and I hate that because the patio is really pretty! Non-smoker could sit on the second and under ground floor. 

We decided to sit in the basement area. Different from the other stories, the under ground is more to a warm homey feeling with an electronic fire place and little artificial sakura tree garden in the middle. Wew saying all of these terms (electronic, artificial) does not describes the cafe as a decent place, but believe me it was! The basement is no-shoes area, so remember to put your shoes in the locker! 

Me and my friends actually come there with a mission to accomplish, to deliver love-filled-package from Yesung's fancafe! We deliver those safely to his mom, which she were really really nice!! I was trying to take commemoration pictures but she politely refuses. After seeing the presents she responded that the stuffs were Yesung's favorite things and said thankyou. 

We ordered Vanilla Latte (for me, duh), two hot teas. I completely forgot what's what. We also ordered a 'Honey Ball' which actually was Yesung's mom recommendation. Think of it as a variation of honey toast bread.

Let me raved about something about celebrity-made-business. Food business started by a celebrity is either overprice, famous only because of the celebrity's name not because of the food in other word tasted horrible, and the place itself is not really good. 

BUT this Mouse Rabbit broke all of that! It's not only delicious, the place was really nice and the price is not in anyway over!! nor overly promoting self

Why Mouse Rabbit?

I know right??? I don't know why but after I heard the name it's just something I heard a lot. Then it got me, it's Yesung's and his brother Chinese zodiac, which is also my parent's! Yesung is born in 1984 and his brother is in 1987 thus together it's Mouse and Rabbit! :D Mystery solved! 

I also heard from my friend that Yesung is currently into interior designing and stuffs that's one of his reason building a cafe on his own. The fan also helps with the interior (totally). They send in some traditional or their country interior stuff to him. That's actually explain all the gendangs in the basement

How to get there?

Easy beasy! Get in to the subway and go to Konkuk Univ. Station (건대역) in Line 2. Exit through exit number 2. Go straight away until you see Samsung Mobile store, it should take you around 5-6 minutes walk. Just go straight until you see Samsung Mobile and turn left into a small road before the Samsung store. After a few steps you should see the white building. 

Definitely one of prettiest and cutest cafe around and even without package to deliver, I'll be glad to be there again! 



  1. I could like to know please what gifts you girls left to Yesung-Oppa! because her mom said it was his favorite things?? Can you girls help me please???? *puppy eyes*
    I also want to send a letter to Yesung but I don't know the correct address!!!! ;________________;

    Susie, Portugal

    1. Hi Susie! Thing is, the gifts are not from us (the girls in the pic) but it was merely from a fanbase that asked my friend to deliver the gifts to Yesung's mom so that she can give them directly to Yesung. Inside the gifts there are instax polaroid refills (Yesung's mom said recently yesung likes to take pictures, especially with his instax), i think there were 4 boxes of them? and also Yesung fan banner made by that fancafe.

      If you want to write him a letter, I don't know the exact address to send him to (and he's in the army isn't he?) But his mom were really nice, maybe you could send some letters to her?

      Here the address to his cafe :
      서울시 광진구 화양동
      Seoul, Korea 143-914

      Hope it helps! :)

  2. Ohhhh..... I see!!! I'll try to send a letter to his cafe then because even if he's in the army from time to time he goes there to visit his family and check his mail box.
    Thank you so much for answering me!, you gave me so much useful information!! are you a Cloud too? ^^

    1. Yes, i hope he'll do that! You're welcome! I'm definitely an E.L.F but my bias is Leeteuk hahaha

    2. Wow, our leader is also a very nice guy! nice choice!! :D to tell the truth I like them all... they're all so handsome and talent, it was hard to choose a bias but I have more in common with Yesung. ^^

    3. Haha i totally with you on that, I love all of them especially when they're together! :D they're dorky! :D

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