REVIEW : Etude House's Sugar Tint Balm

Still trying to get myself together and post more reviews! Eeeek!

Now, a long delayed review of Etude House's (used to be) new collection "Sugar Tint Balm" :) 

Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Sugar Tint Balm"

        type of product        
Lip balm / tint

#8 RD303 blackberry jelly 블랙베리 젤리

KRW 8.000

Etude House Official Site (ko)

I think this is a very "calmed" EH's product packaging, comparing to how pink and ribbon-y the other collections are, it suits my taste more than the other with typical Etude House design! 

You have to turn the cap to open the product, not at all revolutionary, but it's so effective! One problem I always encounter with lip balms is when I tossed it to my bag and the cap get loose and totally ruined the product - I'm pretty sure it happened to every girl. So, a cap with a retractable cap? Oh God yes! 

Like most tint / balm product, this product is smooth, not as pigmented as lipstick and pretty much more moisturizing than regular lip product. Though it is said "balm" on the name, I don't think it's enough to make this a replacement to your regular lip balms. 

It has a natural shiny finish, like when you top your lips with lip balm, exactly like that. It has a sweet berry scent, not a strong one though and it slightly lingers to the lips. 

Now, about the "tint" side, I do think it stains the lips a littleee bit. Even though mine is the darkest shade, you can see the swatch too, it doesn't swatched as dark as the bullet look. And on the lips, it won't stained crazily too, I still need to watch and maintain the shade like on every 2 hours. Probably the lighter color will stay on the lips much less? 

This product is great for people with dryer lips, still need lip balm tho! Or for those who feel lipsticks are to restraining and high maintenance, this might be the answer for a little bit color on your face. And just remember with you can make this shade goes on more sheer with lip balms. 

I like this product, they're smooth, moisturizing, the pigmentation isn't bad, and the cap, best lip balm packaging design ever! I can compare this to Aritaum's Honey Melting Balm, they have almost the same consistency, though Aritaum's have a larger shade collection so you can probably opt between and look for shade you like. I found that Aritaum's didn't have a darker shade, so that's why I wanted to give this a go! 

I prefer to apply the product heavily, but it's totally up to you :) I think either way will look good! 

Thankyou so much for reading! Have a great weekend! 

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  1. It looks really great on you! Thank you for sharing :D


  2. That looks very nice on you!

    One thing I have learned with bad caps on lip products is to buy a cheap sunglasses case and toss it in there. That way if the cap comes off it won't destroy the product or your bag!

  3. its so beautiful!!!!

  4. I actually gasped when I saw the product out of the bullet, such a lovely colour! Then I was a little disappointed seeing it switched but it looks REALLY good while you're wearing it. I guess your natural lip colour really brings out the richness of the colour. Totally suits you!

  5. Such a gorgeous shade! I definitely thought it would be sheerer but that's find that it's pigmented, it can always be worn sheerly!

  6. gorgeous color! wish it was more pigmented though, then i would sure buy it :)


  7. The shade is amazing and it looks great on you c: Btw you are so cute!!

  8. It looks like a lipstick, not a balm on you! I was surprised! I also like the name: blackberry jelly sounds so delicious :D.

  9. :> Thankyou Jenny :* I bet you are cuter tho :D

  10. Haha I do have a darker natural lip color :< but it definitely helps the color to look more pigmented on the lips :>

  11. that's actually a great idea!!!!

  12. Omg the color is so pigmented for a lip balm!
    And yeah the design is very simple yet so cute! Kinda resembles Innisfree eco flower tint balm, now I'm torn between the two...

  13. I haven't tried Innisfree's tho so I can't compare! :(


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