Hey guys! Today I'm bringing you a review to everyone's favorite, Etude House's Pink Skull Color Eyes PK002!

It's one of Etude House's Pink Skull Collection, which I think is one of their best collection ever, and released just a tad after summer 2016. Of course as an eyeshadow maniac, this is a must buy, especially after hearing good reviews from this palette.

From this collection, there are 2 eyeshadows palette, similar but different. Both are neutrals with a mix of pinks and red, while the first one is warmer and more natural, the second one, or the one that I have is cooler and smokier as the shades are slightly darker.

The size of the palette is definitely smaller that I expected, if you have MAC Cosmetics 9 times 9 palette, they're the same dimension. But Etude House's palette have slightly bigger eyeshadow pan.

In each of the pan, there's a heart, not engraved but it's a bulge. I find that the heart shaped eyeshadow is cute tho!

The color combination is perfect. I find that this palette is versatile but in the same time it has shades that are fun to play with! For me, I love to use the pinks in my lower lash line :))

The 9 shades are:
Romantic Plum Beige - light ashy purple (matte)
Vintage Rose Beige - ashy warm pink (matte)
French Metal Brown - beige champagne with pink and gold glitter (shimmer)
Skull Pink - vivid cool tone pink (matte)
Kissing Red -  dark cherry red (shimmer)
Funky Brown - wine shade with chrome gliter (shimmer)
Pendant Pink - light pink with silver and gold glitter (glitter)
Velvet Red - burgundy brown (shimmer)
Choco Black - dark cool tone gray (shimmer)

I found that these eyeshadow's pigmentations are vary. The best would be the midtones/darker shades, and the worst being "Pendant Pink". I say "Pendant Pink" is more like an over/top coat kinda eyeshadow, it's hard to be used on its own because it'll be hard to be seen.

Here's a video tutorial I made so that you can see the eyeshadow performance better :)

Overall, this eyeshadows are so much better than I expected. Though some (one, actually) aren't working as well as I thought it should, but the overall shades and performance are definitely satisfying! :D

Thankyou so much for reading, any comments or questions please comment down below! :D

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  1. Kyaaaaa ini cantik bangettt... jadi pengennnn

    Jean Milka

  2. AAAAAAAKKKK.. I'm soooo drawn to the new collection of Etude!
    And you made it woooorseee.. Hahaha
    Lagi websurfing eh nemu blog kamu xD

  3. *gasp I'm tempted to get this just for the Kissing Red shade omgwsh ! <3 thank you for the review !



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