REVIEW : Etude House's Real Powder Cushion

Yes, another cushion review!

I saw this cushion almost everywhere recently, especially in Indonesia since it's definitely targeting people with oily skin / living in a super tropical country such as Indonesia. So, let's jump into the tutorial! XD Believe me, I'm sooo excited to try this product!

Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
Real Powder Cushion

        type of product        
Cushion BB

Honey Beige

KRW 18.000

Etude House website

Yes, another cushion review!

First time I got my hand on this product, one obvious things that I realized right after is how thin this cushion compact. It's veryyyy thin, way thinner than all previous Etude Cushion / other cushion in general. With only 22mm thick, the packaging looks way more dainty and classy. This cushion also has SPF 50+ PA+++ and it contains 14g of product.

new cushion is also slightly bigger too~

Because the packaging is way thinner, you guess it - it won't fit to your other Etude cushion's case. You have to buy the case or just use the refill without case for the budget alternatives. Because of the thinner case/cushion too, the feeling of the cushion is definitely different. I didn't get that bouncy feeling on the cushion as the base of the cushion is shallower.

Now, the product itself named "Real Powder Cushion" - and I know from the start what to expect - it'll be matte. The product is different from other cushion because if most cushions are "liquid", this cushion is "mousse". Probably they change the packaging to cater the mousse-y texture of the cushion, as it won't be as flexible to move around as liquid cushions.

The experience is definitely unique, it doesn't dry to matte, but it was matte from the start! Coverage is medium to full - you can layer the product. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin - much like other cushion's advantage. But, one thing I encounter again with Etude face product is it literally transfers to anything it touches! (Much like Etude BB)

This is probably the only cushion (or maybe foundation, or any base product) that I did not need to set - YES you hear me, every base, I set with powder, but with this, I don't need powder! Oil control is uh-mazing! When I wrote this post, I currently adding another Real Powder Cushion into my shopping list and it's only been 2 days since I started using this cushion and its performance really amazed me.

The cushion puff is different from the usual "blue" puff - I realized that this puff actually absorb more product than it actually apply. So, I used a buffing brush instead and it works just fine (still thin layer applied)

Much to my surprise, the darkest shade of this cushion is... slightly too dark for me! :o Looks who did a great job at shade selection! Finally, FINALLY, someone in the industry actually heard our prayer. Honey Beige slightly darker than I expect (so I bought the refill in Natural Beige, the middle shade). Oh yeah, it didn't come with a refill :(

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