Hi, as the title suggested this post is definitely not something pleasing or amusing (might be for some of you tho) and I decided to post this in English, just so that I could get different perspective or even maybe similar cases been handled differently in other place/country. 

But I'm still gonna add some in Indonesian if I thought I couldn't express it well. 

After years of only watching youtube video on how suck Sephora is, I finally get to experience one. 

So the story happened in Sephora in Jakarta, I won't specify the exact location of the store. But it's one of the newly opened one. So I went there casually window shopping and swatching stuffs. Then, I went over to the Clinique counter and swatched a couple of the Pop Blush. The display of those pop blushes are very narrow, sticking to each other without any names to indicate which blush is which so I had to open and see the back of the packaging to see what shade names and how it looks like. 

emang udah kayak mau jatoh

And then it happened - I dropped a blush. Before I could even check the store guard came and pick up the blush. "Did you dropped it?" and I casually said, "Yes, I'm sorry" - as I was gonna put it back to the display (I dropped the blusher in a closed position - so can't see what's inside). 

"Uhm, yeah I had to discuss this with the staffs because you broke it" said the guard. 
I was like ?????? THIS is the first time ever that I actually get problem for breaking a tester - not that I broke testers all the time, but I saw people breaking tester (well, not in the exact same place) but never once they got into problem. Intinya ga pernah terlintas di otak w bisa kena masalah karena lo pecahin tester - karena itu udah kodratnya untuk dicoba-coba orang, diubek-ubek dan memang ada RESIKO itu akan pecah/hancur karena itu disitu and free to try.

Then it took quite a while for the Sephora staffs actually coming and explain the "consequences" for me - I could run away you know - but i'm there because its ethical to stay. I waited until a guy staff came (apparently the only guy staff available that day) and said "yeah, since you broke the tester you had to buy the same exact product" - ?? I was dumbfounded at this point. Because from the start I don't get this system. And he opened the drawer and ask me to pick a shade and i was like ??? wait is this really the procedure? And at that time even not a lot of shades are available and while "forced" to pick a shade I kept of debating with the staff. Then he said, "if you don't want to purchase a new one than you have to pay 50% for the broken tester" ???? ok..........

To cut the story short,  I was gonna purchase the blush anyway (tho they don't carry a shade that I want) so I went ahead and pick up a Heather Pop and the staff brought it to the cashier. 

It was not immediate purchase - oh no the story just started. 
I waited for sometime in the cashier area, probably more than 10 mins. 

After that a girl came up and gave me this statement letter, basically it contains my personal information and the details of the product that I broke. 

Is it too much? I personally thinks too but whatever it's company policy so whatever I'll comply. 
In the statement letter there's no consequences written - or what should I do as a customer signing this letter - literally just a statement letter. So I signed it and gave it back. Still waiting for the Heather Pop to be purchased but its still not here. 

While waiting even some of the staffs are whispering to each other, "yeah I don't really get the procedure for this happening either" ("Aduh, gue juga engga ngerti nih kalo begini") repeatedly. At this point I was really confuse, because I don't really the staffs do understand and if this the real procedure, and then I looked over the cashier counter and they actually written the policy if you broke a tester (no idea it even existed, the staff should had shown this before he talks).

Here's the policy:

And I want you to focus on the second point: Atas pembayaran tersebut akan diberikan barang pengganti sama dengan barang yang pecah atau rusak. (For the payment (full price) will be given a substitute product the same with the broken tester.)

After the explanation from the staff, me and a friend that went together to Sephora understand that yea, I was supposed to be given a substitute product, the exact way that guy staff said. 


another staff came out from the small office behind that cashier and said "Hey, you can't get a new one you had to pay FULL for the tester" I WAS LYK wait. Noooooo, the guys staff said its either 50% for the tester or 100% for the new one. She went ahead and said, "yeah no, that ends yesterday because JUST yesterday the management gave out this new policy" - oh yeah she literally even called out their group holding company. 

And i was already furious at this point, 
I said this one is on you guys, you're delivering outdated policy and I already signed the statement even before I completely understand their policy. They're literally defencing themselves talking back like, yeah we had the policy changed a couple times, like when the first time it was open it was like bla bla bla and then it changed to bla bla and now it changed to pay FULL PRICE for every broken one. I was like, I don't need to understand how your management work? I don't care! I just care that you gave out the wrong one. If there's a policy change then you should let me know CORRECTLY the first time. 

We're debating and there's 3 people of the other side of the cashier. They don't apologise for anything. We kept debating and even I point out how vaguely the policy is written (about the substitute product). Even my friend was like, I get it if they charged you 50% because it's a tester product, but 100%? What if it only had half, or it hit the pan, or if you broke a bad clumpy mascara? Do you have to pay 100% for it as well? 

Now, I don't want to question their policy, but it's their SERVICE OK. 

Intinya kita debat lah. Jelas dari pihak staff salah karena sudah memberikan informasi yang kadaluarsa, dan sebelum saya mengerti jelas peraturan dan prosedur, saya sudah disuruh untuk tanda tangan surat pernyataan. Setelah saya sampaikan itu staffnya berkali-kali mengatakan policynya gonta ganti lah begini lah, emang dari sananya begitu lah. Disini saya katakan saya engga mau tahu manajemen mereka itu gimana, cuma saya ingin mereka mengakui mereka ada salah kasih info. Dan bagaimana solusi dari mereka. 

At this point is not even about the money. I was mad with how they were explaining shit to me and everything just don't make sense because what they do is just blaming the group holding management for changing up the policy. Mana lagi mereka bicara tentang biaya biaya - iya mbak kan ada biaya dalam pengaadan tester. DON'T YOU TALK COST WITH ME. Biaya tester itu seharusnya dan semestinya ditanggung oleh perusahaan tapi nyatanya hmm mungkin beda disini. Bener-bener teori baru. Engga heran sih sebenarnya.

After that, they called away the guy staff that came to me first. The 3 girls, among them I guess someone in charge (not the manager tho, I think) and this is the conversation between the girl in charge and the guy:

girl: "What did you said to her about our broken tester policy"
guy: "I said 50% for the tester, or 100% for the new product"
girl: "Did you attend yesterday briefing?"
guy: "..No"
girl: "Then you should ask us first so there's no misunderstanding"

the the girl proceed to look at me, literally and saying "yea, he said the wrong thing to you." and with this look like 🙄

ce: "kamu bilang apa ke kakaknya tentang tester?"
co: "aku bilang 50% kalo beli tester, atau 100% buat yang baru"
ce: "kamu kemarin datang ke briefing ga sih?"
co: ".. engga"
ce: "Kalau gitu harusnya kamu tanya dong ke kita"

PADAHAL GUARDNYA LANGSUNG KE KANTOR BELAKANG LOH setelah dia ambil tester yang pecah itu. Jadi beneran banget ini orang salah2in sana sini dari managemen sampai ke staff yang madol briefing (yang MUNGKIN banget briefingnya itu dipadu sama orang ini ya JADI IT'S HER MISS). Udahan gitu dia liat gw kek 🙄

At this point I'm beyond mad. This is not I'm here for, this all shits happened for almost 30 mins and I'm literally wasting my time debating to this stupid policy. What I want is a simple apology, to admit there's a wrong in the information delivery or WHATEVER I DON'T CARE but what they effin' do is defencing theirselves and blaming the management. I literally so pissed out I throw my card to the cashier to just get the transaction finished (Yea this is rude of me. Memang w ga sampai berkata-kata kasar ya sama staff-staffnya, tapi at this point w capek bgt karena engga ada dari pihak mereka yang mau minta maaf dan saling salah-salahan. Padahal jelas memang w salah karena TIDAK SENGAJA pecahin tester tapi mereka tidak ada sama sekali ucapkan minta maaf untuk informasi salah yang mereka berikan - beneran aku pikir mereka minta staff laki itu datang untuk minta dia yang minta maaf loh bener. Tapi engga tuh cuma minta statement - lagian sangat rendah loh kalo mereka suruh staff mereka yg laki itu untuk minta maaf because he's clearly a result from a bad, bad system in their store).

From here I just want to conclude,
1) I admit my wrong doings (I still think the policy ridiculous but I still comply with it)
2) Sephora employee literally gave me an expired information and not knowing it's a wrong info I signed the statement letter.
3) No one apologies for anything. (They just blamed everything they could blame instead)

Am I disappointed? I am.

Jujur marah itu bukan karena peraturan mereka yang kurang masuk akal, tapi serius deh dari behavior dan attitude staff-staffnya yang sangat sangat tidak mengenakan. Yang penting gini deh guys, just don't broke shit in Sephora because not only you have to pay, you have to encounter misbehaved staffs. lol.

Me myself don't shop in Sephora Indonesia - lyk literally this maybe my first time (surprising huh as a beauty blogger but I got most of my stuffs from jastip or ol shop). And will continue to do so.

This rage have been draining my physical energy - even contemplating to not write this out just because I felt rottten inside thinking about this again. But I still need to vent this out. Whaddya guys think? I'm open for different perspective and maybe you encounter the same problem?

thank you for reading this long ass rant. Will do more content quality post next time ciao!

baru lihat blushnya jatohnya kayak gimana karena udah dibawa sama staffnya before I could check. Untung ini masih banyak. Already disinfect the blush and repress them - will update tomorrow after it dried up!


  1. That is outrageous! I got so mad reading this, because shitty customer service is just the worst. I work in the beauty industry, and I get so many clients coming into my store after shopping at Sephora and they always complain about their service. Personally, I've had nothing but good experiences shopping at Sephora, but I've heard so many complaints so far. I hope you can reach out to their head office or something and complain about how the staff handled your situation. Even if it's their policy to make you pay for the broken tester, they should've handled it better.

  2. WTF IS THIS? This is absolute garbage wtf... I got pissed reading this too. And like Terri^, I also worked in the beauty industry as well. We had customers breaking things all the time, and more expensive things than a Clinique blush; but we never asked them to pay for damages LOL. That's beyond messed up. I've never heard of a Sephora doing this, is it just that location? You should definitely escalate this to their head office.

    Junniku blog!~


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