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Lip Color Palette

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Lip Cream 


KRW 32.000
USD 34

3CE Style Nanda official site (en)

Honestly when I saw this product I shrieked a little since it was so pretty. Anyhoo I got this long before I got to go to Korea, you can say that this is a #throwback post lol since I was so lazy in 2015. I'm trying to keep up here so wish me luck. 

So the packaging, design-wish, love it. Function-wise? Not so much. Unlike the eyeshadow palette, which has totally the same design, just different glass plastic design, I wouldn't miss any mirror or the applicator (which both has none) - but for lipstick, without mirror and no applicator? Blah. 

The product itself was totally out-of-this-world. When I first swatch it, it's so creamy and glossy - so I thought Ok this won't be a lip"stick" palette - it'll be this another lip"gloss" palette. But ohmagerd I was so shocked because the lip palette is so pigmented! 

All the 4 shades have glossy finish. And when you thought lip products with glossy finish aren't long lasting, they're actually stays put ok (even during meals) without leaving stains on the lips. 

#1 is the most sheer and glossy out of the pack. The color payoff is similar to #3, but it's glossier and less pigmented. 
#2 is the one that confuses me out, I questioned it's existence in this palette, why would an orange shade be in a #gossip red lip palette.
#3 it's pink coral, more to orange kinda coral than pink. 
#4 it's the only red in the palette - why would you name it #gossip red, not #gossip orange.

Ok, back again to the product, it's super great, but I don't expect for the palette to be this corally orange when the name is #gossip red 

What I love : The pigmentation, the lasting power (Yes, they stay through meals!), the not-over-the-top gloss

What I don't love : The shades that are too orangey, not too affordable price tag, no mirror and applicator. I found myself not reaching this product as much because it's pretty inconvenient. 

Overall, I love it the formulation, not so much on the design :) it's definitely a surprise for me because it's much better than I expect. I would probably opt for another shades tho since I'm not so much into orangey shade in my lips :(

Thankyou so much for reading! I'll see you soon! :)

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