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It's the first product from the Aritaum "All Day" line that I'll be reviewing, it's the foundation! I'm delaying this post because actually.. I lost my foundation and a month later I found it!! It was hiding in my dad's car and fortunately it was safe and sound. After I found it, I found myself using this almost everyday - and believe me, I have so much BB creams, cushions, foundations that can last me a lifetime but I still use this foundation as it was that good! 


      PRODUCT NAME      
All Day Lasting Foundation

        type of product        

#2 Natural Beige

KRW 13.000

 Aritaum official site (kor)

The foundation didn't come with a box. Nothing really special about the bottle itself, it actually got a transparent cap on top but I can't find mine when I was taking the picture :(

It contain 40ml of foundation, 10ml more than the normal 30ml of foundation.

This foundation contain SPF of 30 PA++, the shade #2 Natural Beige is the second shade and it only have 2 shades in total. This shade is slightly too bright for me but it still looks natural :)

The foundation is slightly watery than I thought it will be, but because of that the foundation is light weight on the skin. Since it's "All Day" the lasting power it's really in question, isn't it? For me, the foundation stays on the skin ok all day, since the foundation finish is on the semi-dewy side, after 2-3 hours my t-zone is getting oily. But overall, I can say that it'll last for a day, though I haven't try it for 24 hours or more. 

And when I wash my face, I see that the foundation is waterproof and can't be washed away with water only - tho you shouldn't wash your foundation with water only! And that may add the lasting power since it can counter your sweat, especially living in all day summer country like me.

What I like the most about this foundation is that as the day goes, it gets prettier and prettier. I mean, after a few hours, when my face oil naturally starts to show up, the foundation made my skin looks shining from the inside (lol). Seriously though, there're a lot of people actually come up to me and ask me what's my foundation because my face looks glowing so naturally (they said, seriously)

I used this on other people too and they kept asking what foundation I used because it looks so natural. 

Also, I can see that this foundation have good coverage! These days my skin have been super good so I only need this foundation to cover everything :)

I use this foundation in this makeup I did for my bestie :

A photo posted by Filia's Beauty Portfolio (@filiamakeup) on

The foundation is great for normal to dry skin type, those with oily skin should layer this with primer for more oil control. 

First, I'm not really sure about the foundation because it's kinda moderate, but as I use it people kept complimenting my skin (I guess the glow made my skin actually looks more ok than it is). And since then, I naturally went toward this foundation and I have no major problem - tho I still wouldn't recommend this to those who have super oily skin. 

I love this foundation and I'm so happy because it contain more product than normal foundation so I can enjoy it longer :")

Thankyou so much for reading! I'll be back with more review, I promise!! 

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