REVIEW : Gudetama Lazy & Joy Cupcake Edition Eyeshadow Palette No. 1 Red Velvet

Today I'm going to review a quad palette from Holika-Holika "Gudetama Version 2 Lazy and Joy Cupcake Edition" in No. 1 Red Velvet! I still have some Gudetama product I haven't review, so please bear with me :3


      PRODUCT NAME      
Gudetama Lazy and Joy Cupcake Eyeshadow

        type of product        
Eyeshadow Quad

Red Velvet

KRW 12.000

Holika Holika Website (kr)

This palette is probably one of my favorite product from all the Gudetama product lineups. The Lazy and Joy Cupcake edition came up with 2 version, No.1 Red Velvet and No.2 Tiramisu. Like its name, the palette I have had a vivid red accent and warmer than the second one, Tiramisu - which have cooler, more neutral shades.

First, the packaging. While it looks like cheap - plasticy and that white shade tho. It feels not that cheap, as it's not that light in weight. Also it came with a real mirror - and no applicator inside.

But other than that, THE GUDETAMA THO I just cannot. The cupcake Gudetama + little story inside of the palette just made my heart stops. The small comic inside depict Gudetama revolution - from egg to cupcake and then from cupcake to his runaway to escape the fork. Can't get cuter really. I usually throw every plastic / box BUT THIS I CAN'T (tho this palette didn't come with a box - I still kept the plastic with Gudetama comic inside)

My Red Velvet palette have 4 shades, 

Earl Grey Chiffon = Matte base shadow, pink toned camel shade
Red Sugar = Sheer pink shadow with multi colored glitters
Red Velvet = Matte red brick shade
Dark Choco = Satin espresso shade

Oh right, I got this palette from Korea - I asked my friend to pick it up for me on her trip, thank you Vania!

Earl Grey Chiffon and Red Velvet is matte, Dark Choco is satin finish and Red Sugar is glittery.
All the shades seems to perform great - minimal fall out.
But Red Sugar - its pigmentation is low, almost contain no pigment besides its pink/reddish glitter.
At first, I don't really know what to do with Red Sugar because it doesn't really show up for inner corner highlight either - but! I then used it as a layer in my lid, over all the other eyeshadow and it was amazing!
Some of friends compliments me on my eye (since now blings and sparkles are everything right)
because it gave a right amount of sparks in the lid!

You can see from my screen shot in their website, the shades are pretty neutral - but irl, it's very dark red (Red Velvet). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE IT. Recently I'm obsessed with red eyeshadow, and all I have is in either a very burgundy-ish palette or in single shadow's - and now I have a palette with shades complimenting each other with RED! I brought this palette when I travel because it's so versatile :)

Overall, I love this palette - product wise and design wise! Gudetama is my spirit animal after all! Just a little note that this palette didn't really have a light shade to begin with - probably not a good choice for someone that just into makeup (you would want something more versatile like for example - Etude House "In The Cafe" Palette - and it also didn't come with an applicator, need your own brush/finger)

But if you're a Gudetama lover - design is awesome cute, pigmentation is ok, versatility so-so - still, I don't have similar palettes on my collection so if you're a makeup haul-er, I think it's a good catch!

Here's a makeup look I created with the Eyeshadow Palette!

Thank you so much for reading this review! Any question about the product, feel free to comment down below!

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Personally, I don't want to get all feely and melancholy but I just can't especially talking about this palette. If you follow and notice, when I first uploaded this palette as a haul, I had both of the palette, and I tagged Rini Cesillia from Rinicesillia.com - and if you don't know, she passed away at the end of last year. She's my best friend.

I bought both shades because I want to give the other palette for her. For her birthday present to be exact. I'm glad that I was able to deliver the palette to her, even though it's kinda late. 
But I still did - if I don't, there'll probably a huge amount of regret will linger still.
So, it's inevitable for me not to think about her when I used this palette.
Anyway, I just want to tell you guys the story, and how I came up with 2 palettes but I can only review one :)
Rest in peace, my sister.
I love you.


  1. Rini is definitely one of my most favorite Indonesian bloggers. She's so humble despite her popularity. May she rest in peace. Stay strong to you too.

  2. Oh my, that gudetama face indent, too cute~ ^_^

  3. Baguuusssss XD pas aku liat swatch nya perasaan kaya pigmented bgt semua (?) taunya ada yg gak ya.

    btw beb. 'Mata kamu kok kaya matanya Pony sih?
    serius! XD

    from www.sheemasherry.com

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