REVIEW : PeriPera's Peri's Ink Velvet

Hey sugars!
In the midst of liquid lipstick rave everywhere, you don't think that Korean brands aren't bringing their own, do you?

Today, I'm bringing you a review of probably on of the best liquid lipstick I knew. The perfect one! Their shades and the formulation itself it's very above satisfaction!

Peri Pera Peri's Ink Velvet is another addition to their Peri's Ink collection. Today I have the upgraded version of original Peri's Ink (read my review HERE) - Peri's Ink The Moist and Peri's Ink Velvet. (I got the upgraded version of Peri's Ink - Peri's Ink the Moist, a while back but never got the chance to review it, and I definitely took the detail picture - but I think I lost it.. so I'll just put mini review at the bottom!)

Peri Pera

      PRODUCT NAME      
Peri's Ink Velvet

        type of product        
Liquid Lipstick

#6 여주인공 / Celeb Deep Rose
#8 청순포텐 / Pretty Coral

USD 14 / KRW 9.000
Peri Pera Website (en)
Peri Pera Website (kr)

First, the packaging have been not that different from the previous collection. As you guys probably know, this collection is famous for their lasting power. As for the velvet, I felt that it's hard to make it last longer than lip stains.

I chose #6 and #8 shades - because of the previous purchase experience, seems that darker / more vivid shades in this collection have similar pigmentation - so I really want to try the lighter shade! They're first came out with 5 shades (No. 1-5) and for F/W 2016, they came up with another 5 (6-10). After looking around in Youtube, seems like #6 Celeb Deep Rose is one of the most popular shade (and it's definitely my kinda shade!)

For the formulation, Peri's Ink Velvet is very light on the lips. Pigmentation is great, plus they have satin matte finish (no 100% matte i must say). Staying power is GREAT (can see from the swatch, that even the lightest shade stains the lips - add more lasting power).

For the Peri's Ink The Moist (페리스 잉크 더 촉촉)
I have #2 잉증보소 / Miss Adorable
and #4 취향저격 / My Type (slightly more pinkish than #2)

and here's a table of what product and each of their quick summary to match your need! :)
My favorite is Peri's Ink The Velvet btw :D

Personally, wearing liquid matte lipstick is usually heavy on the lips - but not this one. While the pigmentation is great, it's definitely flake free and isn's drying at all. I must say, if you have dry lips and you're afraid on trying matte lips - you should try these!

Peri Pera is a brand that first famous for it's tints - I'm happy that they're still the best in the market for tints. Not only the pigmentation / formulation of the products itself - but the interesting packaging (and collaboration with PowerPuffGirls!) also supports their fame <3

*Now, for the Peri's Ink upgraded version (original version READ HERE). According to the website, the difference is in the glossiness and also the moisturizing power. I personally don't feel there's huge difference between the new and the original version in formulation. Though for the shades, I personally love the new collections' shades more! ^^)

These liquid lipstick has been #1 in best liquid lipstick / tints ranking and I say they're definitely are!! Plus, the new shades are something that's a lot of people would love. Some of my friends used these and they're like IM ON TOKOPEDIA WHATS TINT IS THAT I HAVE TO HAVE IT RIGHT NOW. lol *racun berjalan*

that's what you get if you're friend with me irl  - racun setiap hari! :D

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  1. Their packaging it adorable! I thought it was gonna be drying, but if it's not, then off to my wishlist it goes~ ^_^

  2. Kamu berhasil menggoyahkan imanku dear wkwk.

    Bulan lalu aku liat ini lagi diskon 20% di subway trus colek semua warnanya bagus semuaa. Karena galau jadi nggak beli deh. Eh tp sekarang jadi pengen lagi. Menurutku peripera ini keren deh soalnya dia juga ngeluarin beberapa shade nude which almost cant find any of nude tint deh di Korea. Superb.


  3. Aku naksir swatch yang nomer 6, cantik><


  4. suka banget sama hasil dari liptint-nya, jadi pengen beli juga deh..

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