because 'Button-up' is much more fancier than 'shirt'

I'm in RAGE. My iMovie acts up again and I have to decrease the video's quality. DAMN!
But anyway I just want to get this as fast as I could, so here you go!

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Shot at a pretty little cafe in Kyungsung Uni.'s Cinnamon Tree! It's our favorite dessert cafe!
It's been a long time since I do a cafe post :( Next time I'll make sure I'm bringing my camera!

to the description! (Special thanks to SARAS! She's the one who took all the pictures! :D)

JESSICA (@jessicagiacinta)
Button-up : Korean streetshop
Skirt : Forever21
Shoes : Indonesia (outlet)
Earrings : Forever21
Lippies : Nature Republic "Petit Cherry Rouge" in Black Rose

FILIA (@filiap)
Button-up : Forever21 (HelloKitty collection)
Blazer : Korean streetshop (Nampodong)
Shorts : Zara
Shoes : H&M
Necklace : gift! (From Wanda! :*)
Bag :  Natalie Pupilo (Muha Space)
Lippies : Etude House "Look at my Lips" #19

SARAS (@sarasyazwina)
Button-up : thrifted
Necklace : Forever21
Jacket : Levi's thrifted
Shorts : American Apparel
Heels : Korean streetshop
Shades : Gmarket
Lippies : Too Cool for School - Real Red

CLARA (@claireverina)
Button-up : Korean streetshop (Nampodong)
Shorts : Korean streetshop (Nampodong)
Shades : H&M
Shoes : Forever21

NINDY (@nindytumakaka)
Button-up : Forever21
Tanktop : Forever21
Pants : H&M
Belt, statement ring, chain earrings : H&M
Shoes : Mixxo
Watch : Swatch
Necklace : Korean streetshop (seomyon)
Shades : Roadshop
Green Clutch : Covette
Lippies : NYX "Red Discovered Palette" 

KEZIA (@keziamarsha)
Button-up (Denim vest) : Korean streetshop (Nampodong)
Pants : H&M
Bracelet : Indonesia
Shoes : Korean Streetshop
Necklace : Forever21

WANDA (@wandarlingg)
Button-up (One piece) : Korean streetshop (Nampodong)
Shoes : Gmarket (a gift! from US! :D )
Necklace : Diva
Sunglass : Korean streetshop (Seomyon)
Lippies : Aritaum "Wannabe Cushion Tint" in Adela

VANIA (@vaniaoctavia)
Button-up : H&M
Pants : Uniqlo
Shoes : Gmarket
Shades : Asos
Watch : Casio
Earrings : Korean streetshop (Myeongdong)
Necklace : Nindy's stuff
Bag : Thailand

ThankYOU so much for watching! <3

 my legs looks so white and disgustingly long. I had a mixed feeling about this :/

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