Red & Floral, that kinda days.

Hi back again! with a video! yeah!
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This is actually Part 2 of spring looks, If you haven't check out the first part here!

It took me forever to edit this video, because I just found this cool 'Picture in picture' feature in iMovie, but it really took me sometimes to actually get the hang out of it. And my computer keep freezing so everything was conspiring against me :(

We film this during colder days, now the weather is so much better and we're starting to get into summer, you may notice the styles we made are for that windy and cool days BUT of course you can just take the outer away and BAM summer clothes! :D Hope this could inspire you! :D

Ok so here is the detail of the models and the oufits! (Super thanks to SARAS for the pictures! :D)

R a c h e l
"S U N N Y   K I S S E S"

Instagram : @racheelmj
Yellow oversized cardigan : thrifted
Floral one piece : thrifted
Stocking : Daiso
White Sneakers : Korean roadshop
Pink Chain Bracelet : Korean roadshop

T a s i a 
"V I O L E T  F A N T A S Y"

Instagram : @tasiiaa
Black Tanktop : Forever21
Floral highwaist skirt : Forever21
Purple speckled cardigan : H&M
Silver circle necklace : Indonesia (Stroberi)
Studded hair band : Korean roadshop

K e z i a
"U N D E R R A T E D  M O D"

Instagram : @keziamarsha
Sleeveless dotted somewhat tribal shirt : H&M
Red Coat : thrifted
Light denim highwaist short : Korean roadshop
lace up ankle boots : Korean roadshop
Silver and cooper bracelet : Bought in Indonesia
Lipstick : Nature Republic's petite rouge in real black rose

J e s s i c a #2
"R E D."

 Yes, we have 2 Jessica!

Instagram : @jessicarifin
White shirt : Korean roadshop (Bought in Nampodong)
Beige wedges : Korean roadshop
Glasses : Wanda's 
Black see-through hand bag: Wanda's H&M
Red Pants : Bought in Indonesia

I'm usually in charge of shoot the video and edit it, and upload it (sigh). But this time we dressed Jessica up and she looks TOTALLY different than what she usually dress and the result was totally awesome!
Believe me Jessica usually dress really feminine and girly with pastels and stuff.

So I took the chance to actually took some 'editorial' kinda pictures with Jessica

The picture's quality are much better because it was taken with my camera, while the other I stole them from Saras' facebook and edited them a little bit. Ha! So that's explain how the quality differs..

Anyway thankyou so much for reading until the bottom of the post! I'm now gonna look into the next video I'm gonna work through this week : BUTTON UP styling inspiration! :D Have a nice week ahead and I'll keep you updated! :D



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