Blue & Pink

If you're not subscribing me on youtube (which you supposed to) you might not know

NEW VIDEO IS UP already!!

Quick now click on it!!!!!

And now for the pictures... Actually we're kinda focusing on the video, so the pictures aren't as much as before.. and this week we have 9 girls, yes, 9 GIRLS to be shot and this is the Part 1 of the video!

The part 2 is still untouch. I have to really think outside the box because I don't want the video to be in anyway repetitive (That means I should learn something outside iMovie.) The theme was supposed to be 'Colorful Spring Look' but coincidently we came with only two main colors, monaco blue & salmon pink, so I had to change the theme. ha!

We're planning big! So stay tune for more upcoming video which is gonna be AWESOME!

Group pictures!

my current profile picture. LOVE IT!

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