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So...... another haul?
This time I went to Etude House and Nature Republic (NR) because they went on sale for 30%, upto 50% for NR and they seem to always to do that.
Etude House used to do that like every 2 weeks, but right now they're kinda cheap on giving away products for sale because it's been a semester since their last sale. 

Starting off with Nature Republic, which I actually got in just for shower gel but coming out with a bunch of stuff. Oh woman, why you never follow your shopping list.

Not really interesting "Love Me Bubble" Bath and Shower Gel. It smells like baby powder! And honestly I haven't tried it until today. I hate it when shower gels leave sticky feels on my skin, usually expensive brands did leave those 'moisturizing' feel, which makes me feel still unclean after shower. So fingercrossed!

 Next is make up wipes! Korean brands always had the cheapest makeup wipe ever. They cleaned ok and doesn't feel sticky after. So just ok lah considering the price!

 Next is 'Snaytox - Hydrogel Lip Patch' which is very confusing. Because one, it doesn't stick properly on my lips and Two, it's not hydrating enough. Maybe I did use it wrong but in the mean time I won't repurchasing any of these lip mask- patch - or something.

A nail polish remover 'Style:lean - Avocado Nail Care Remover'. NR have some nail polish remover variation but I ends up buying the most expensive one (KRW 4.500) because my nail is in a horrible horrible condition. Still is. I've been keeping my nail naked for the week and I see some improvements already. I haven't try it anyway it's a good investment since I always paint my nails.

Next is an eye cream, 'The First' from NR. I once got some eye cream samples from NR and totally love it! Just a view application and my eyes have less wrinkle (under eye wrinkles), less bags, less tired looking!! But I forgot the name of the product and went sniffing (yes, sniffing the products) one-by-one, hoping I could remember the smell.

I got this one anyway, but I think I guess it wrong.. I don't have the sample anymore so I couldn't show it to the staff :( But going to try the product soon!

Etude House!

This is the product that I was anticipating the most but ends up hating it the most. Lesson of the day : TRY THE PRODUCT BEFORE BUYING. It's EH 'Dear, Girls - Be clear moisturizer'
This is supposed to be day moisturizer, with SPF 30/PA++ and whitening product, but when I put it on my face, it's look like I just putting on some WHITE SUNSCREEN on ma face. 

Does NOT appear clear at all, and it even changes my face tone into so white It's doesn't match with my neck color. Even after applying foundations/bb cream my face still look whitish :(
I'm still working on how I should use it, maybe for winter times when my face are fairer, but for now on I'm gonna leave this product..

Next is 'Sweet Recipe - Baby Choux Base" in #1 Mint. I always wanted a green primer because My T-zone is definitely much much more red than everywhere (That's why I kinda hate blush). I've seen one of Get It Beauty episode when they uses this product and turns out that it kinda makes your face looks matte (because most of Korean product have dewy finish) it makes me wanted to try it.

I did felt it toned down my redness, It is light on the face, but I don't fell any changes with my foundation. So I guess it's only purpose is color-correcting which it's ok.

Next is 'Color My Brows' in #3 Red Brown. It's their new color addition to the line. I think this color matches my hair rather than the other color that I actually already have before. I like to use it after it gets dried because that way it didn't make my brows look so much thicker.. I think I'm gonna let the cap loose for a day or so before I could use it.

Brow-cara, or mascara's for brows are really good for you that only what to even out your eye brows naturally or want to make your brows color matches your hair color, like me!

Left is what I already have, Right is the new color

'Bebe Elbow Mask' because I have a disgusting elbow that have this dirty dry patches. I hate them.

 This is the first reason why I went to Etude House. 'Dr Lash Ampoule' is an essence for your eye lashes. I was kinda skeptical at first two years after I got to Korea about these. A lot of my friend bought and tried it. They said it was tiny bit lengthen their eye lash.

BUT another day I was talking to one of my friend and realize how long her eyelashes where. And she said it was because if these products! It looks like you have to be super devoted with these, and she religiously using it day and night. And it worked! I've skipped a day or two, so I have to discipline myself if I don't want my money to be wasted.

Oh! the small one is for the night, the bigger one is for the day, just before you put on your mascara and stuff.

Comes with a ruler for your eyelashes!

That's it for today! My internet connection have acted like a**holes this weeks, took me hours to upload these pictures ONLY! 

I have finished editing a video and cannot upload it I'm gonna get crazy anytime soon. Ciao!



  1. Wow~ you boughr a lot!!!
    I stocked up "Aloe vera soothing gel" when NR 50% sale ^^

    우왓, 많이 지르셨군요 :)
    저도 NR 기웃거려봤는데 괜찮은 제품이 많더라구요!
    전 50% 세일하는 알로에베라 수딩젤 잔뜩 사서 쟁여났어요. ^^

    1. thankyou for reading! :D

      그러네요ㅠㅠ 한방에 샀으니까 이제 거지가 됐어요ㅜㅜ
      I'm broke now haha but I still wanna buy a lot of things!!! NOO

      Oh! I haven't tried the aloe gel too TT_TT

  2. I've bought NR love me bubble shower gel. Me and my daughter love the smell so much, so I end up stock up few bottle of it ^.^

    1. haha! I love the scent too! And it lingers all day long so I smell like baby powder alllllll day long :3

  3. Whow! I really need to use something like Dr. Lash because my eyelashes are really, really, really small. T__________T

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