Since I'm bored and I have another class at 4pm let's post something! 
I was gonna use this 3 hours class-free time to edit our new Beach festival OOTD but I failed badly I just went and hangs out in the dorm for like ah hour (lies)

BUT I still have one video coming right up! Should be ready by today / tomorrow so keep your eye on that! :D 

Outfits of the day from weeks ago

Stripe Pants : H&M
Black sweater : H&M
Brown Sandals : G-market
Bag : H&M

I know I'm a sucker for H&M. Some reasons why : 1. They have their store (2 actually) in Busan. Crazy. 2. They have crazy sales and prices. 3. THEY HAVE SIZES! GOD BLESS H&M
fyi, korean roadshop usually only have 'free size'-ing and they're "free size" is not very "free" (XXS I guess) I know Martina from Eat Your Kimchi have raged about this in one of their TL;DR!

Girl shirt : Korean roadshop (Nampodong)
Belt : H&M
Polkadot skirt : Korean roadshop (Nampodong too)
Still wear the same sandals as the first one and probably still using the same bag. haha



  1. Hi ..just passing by ..
    kayaknya aseek banget neeh baca blog kamu dan sudah langsung sy buatin link dari blog ku ..
    hidup km penuh warna-warni dan sy suka skli ..


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