I DYED MY HAIR! (again)

Dyeing my hair is like a 3-month-tradition for me. And after I found these Schwarzkopf "Fresh Light" foam hair dye, I practically never go to hair salon to dye my hair ever again. 

This time I picked the "Airy Ash" color, I never go to this color before.

 I usually go with "Vanilla Beige", or "Lemon Blond", and before this one I think I used "Melty Cherry". After reading Stella Lee's post dyed her hair with "Berry Ash" shade and it turns out gray O_O I was so shocked. In the same time, it makes me want to try the ash shade!!

It's really easy to dye your hair with this products. It took me about 10minutes to dye my whole hair. And even though my hair is quite long, I only need one tube because my hair is pretty thin :|

Just mix 1 + 2 = put on the pump and off you go to dye your hair!

If you are a first-timer, maybe you want to read THIS. And another important point is to keep the dyeing time as the instruction says because I learned the hard way. My hair become very weak after I let it stay for 50 minutes. don't.do.it.

 my hair before

 on the process 

my black roots are covered! 


I've used this product for 2 years now. THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING EVER.
It made my hair so soft after coloring, and the color is quite even. And it's so incredibly CHEAP (I've bought one from hypermart for like IDR 65.000 or something. )


  1. I also loveeee the bubble hair color! I usually dye my hair myself and this is like the best invention ever hehe. Btw, the color looks great on you :)


    1. Thankyou Stella<3 hehehehe YES IT IS THE BEST INVENTION EVER!!! haha

  2. bagus fil warnanya... bagusan yg skrg drpd yg kmrinnn :D

  3. Just come across your blog and read your reviews. They are so useful!!
    I am considering to buy a under eye concealer for my dark circle, which you are more recommend ? Faceshop or 3CE? I am dry skin type


    1. Hi Ceci! I think both concealers are good too for dry skin. But here's something you might want to consider : 3CE's only have 2 shades (both are pretty light) and FS have 3 shades. And FS also comes with a stick concealer plus FS' concealer is around 30% cheaper than 3CE.

      for dry skin I think 3CE's is sliiiiightly better, but FS concealer is awesome too!

      hope that helps!

  4. Nice new color, I really liked it!


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