REVIEW : Aritaum World Glam Coating Tint in "PARIS"

Hello! Today I'm going to review something that you guys might have might see around the beauty blogger community, like years ago!! I don't know why I was so stubborn and resisting not to try these. (maybe because I was partly angry for Aritaum's decision to discontinue the world glam lipgloss.)

So here's Aritaum World Glam Coating Tint in "PARIS"

The liptints line comes in 10 different shade selection. They have a very large range of colors, pinks, reds, to oranges, nude to vivid colors. I've been hoarding a lot of vivid reddish lip product recently, so I decided to pick up the more neutral one.

It retails for KRW 9.000. It's a good deal I think, considering it's from Aritaum and it contains 9ml of product.

There's a ton of people that recommending this lip tint, after my friend somewhat force me to wear hers, I instantly fell in love and decided to pick it one for myself! (And also after watching SunnyDahye's video)

Nothing special with the applicator.
Nice Packaging. Well the 'world glam' line from Aritaum never failed to not-amaze me for their packaging. Simple, and makes the tints easy to separate, you know incase you have 3 or more.

Great Texture. It does not get anywhere sticky. It's glossy, but not at all felt greasy or sticky. Nice!

Sweet scents. and Taste. It doesn't mean that I lick it (duh) but sometimes you know, it just happened, and it tasted sweet! That's so much better than some other tints that are just plain bitter and that's disgusting. And it has a very fresh citrusy scent!

ONE without flash | TWO with flash | THREE when swiped over

Good Color Payoff. Sometimes it's just plain hard to get a nice color payoff from a nude tints, but this product kicks those stereotypes!

Misleading swatches. The color swatches and the real colors are actually, quite, different. Take an example my 'Paris' shade, on the website the color is supposed to me mauve-pink based, turns out to be very orangey. Considering a lot of people will order these online, that's just not cool.

Bad staining power. Maybe mine was a neutral color, the staining power isn't that great (gone with a few swipes..) and the gloss also didn't last long enough, around an hour or so most of the gloss are gone.

Kinda drying. After all the gloss wiped off, the tint felt really drying, which is not really cool since it's winter here. My lips sometimes got really hurt and chapped because of this lip tint. Definitely a high maintenance product, of course I could get away with a good lip balm beneath.
(The 'sweetness' kinda added up the factors that make its gloss don't last long - you see, the taste made me LICK my lips. yes. disgusting. I know. Sorry. Canthelpit!!)

LEFT nothing | RIGHT with the tint 

with flash

Overall, I do love this lip tint. It has become my purse essential and I was really shocked on how much I've used this product for this past week. Mainly because I have to keep on reapplying once it got dry. ha. But it's definitely a great product, really easy to apply and imagine how cute it is to take out these cute little bottle out of your purse<3

Thankyou for reading! 
Happy Holidays! 

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  1. The packaging with different city names on the cap is just sooo cool! I'll check this out when I visit Korea :D

  2. Wow, I love the Bali colour! since it's one of paradise island in Indonesia! LOL

    1. Yeah! I like the name too but it's wayyy to orange for me, I'll look sick lol

  3. kok warnanya jd orange-ish gt ya '___'
    thanks for sharing ^^


    1. makanya aku bilang rada "misleading" - warna di internet sama aslinya rada berbeda :/
      ehehehe thankyou for reading :D

  4. Too much rave on this product ;;_,; i really want to try it out (if i had the budget sobs)


    1. :"(( you have to put this on your priority list!!

  5. you love it ya fil, aku malah ga suka.. bener banget tuh wrnanya beda sm di promotional picture -_-
    trus jg mungkin krn yg aku dpet itu wrna 1 warna yg muda jd ga gt kliatan.. harusnya lngsung yg wrna bold aja yaa ;_;
    km pakai wrna oren cocok jg fil :D

    1. cee!! Aku baru inget aku pernah jg baca post cece ttg ini haha iyaa punya tmnku yang bold cakep cee enak lagi.. tapi I have too many bold colors alr!! :|

  6. Wuw, nice lip color deh ! Suka <3 <3

    Btw, aku tag kamu disini:


    Abis itu copy link jawaban nya d post ini ya. Thanks ^^

  7. I agree the color looks orangy than the official swatch. hmmm, I also heard from several others that it's kinda drying. Mann, I really wanna try this product cause of the pretty colors but if it's drying then may be not.. Thanks for the review!


    1. Haha but if one day you could try these tints, definitely tell me what you think!!

  8. that s one flawless lip tint i've ever seen, lovely review :D


    1. Thankyou Anisa<3 GOD I love your blog so much! :D

  9. It looks nice on you! Have a foxy feel to it.

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