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I'm on an Etude House roll now. I'm bringing you guys the review for 'Fantastic Color Eyes' in #1 Bloody Halloween. As I see on the website it's supposed to be Limited Edition but we'll see how long will it be there.

I do think Etude House's palette is getting better and better. I think it their palettes make me more excited than how I should have! Oh! I got some flowers from my

I'm not really excited for the packaging. But I think their size is adorable, small yet not that 'mini.

Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Fantastic Color Eyes"

        type of product        
Eyeshadow palette 

#1 Bloody Halloween 

KRW 14.000


There are two palettes from this collection, first is the one that I have and the #2 is Bohemian Soul. The second palette is more to peach and neutral browns. I do think the second palette is more suitable for everyday uses, but I don't really like the oranges and bling-bling golden shade so I went for this palette instead.

The unique part that differs this from other Etude House's Eyeshadow Palette is that this one contain a cream textures that can be used as eyeshadow base, lip color and blusher.

Pale is a light beige shadow with golden shimmer (it didn't really shows well on the picture but in real life it's not as sheer as the pic. Zombie Kiss is the cream texture - it's a wine red shade. Witch Hunting is dusty rose color, probably my favorite shade from the bunch and the only matte shade in the palette. Funky Horror is a muted purple shade with pink shimmers. Bloody Burgundy is frost burgundy red color. And the last one is Halloween Night black with red shimmers.

And together with the palette, there's a sponge applicator inside. It's not the cheap one that usually came in within a palette, this time it's like the upgraded version - it's longer and actually usable.

I can't express how I hate the idea of mixing cream and powdered stuff together in a palette. The fallouts and how disgusting how it'll be.. it's a big no-no for me. I don't know that it's a cream textured, I thought it's a red eyeshadow just like last years limited edition palette have (&Rose - Flowering Eyes Palette, read review HERE)

I was taken back by the fact that there's a cream texture one inside - but I gave in anyway. Surprisingly, there's almost no fallouts from the eyeshadow. It's either the eyeshadows are good or I'm just too careful with them lol

My least favorite from the whole palette will be the "Bloody Kiss" or the cream product - I used it as a lip color and not only it doesn't stay there (it transfers everywhere) the shade is just not as pigmented as in the pan. Plus, i need a lip brush to be able to work the color on, since it's a very dark and bright color, it gets messy easily.

(A) Pale (C) Witch Hunting (D) Funky Horror (E) Bloody Burgundy (F) Halloween Night

"Zombie Kiss" on the lips 

I found out that using this palette, especially using all the shades on one eyes, will definitely make a very dramatic eye look. Mainly because the shades are very plumy and darker. I still use this for daily look, for example below I used only "Witch Hunting" on the lid area, "Pale" in the inner corner and "Bloody Burgundy" on the outer corner (lower water line). 

No fallouts
Hangs in great even without primer
Nice Pigmentation
Great shade selection

"Zombie Kiss", or the cream product quality is just, mediocre.

Overall, I really enjoying my palette, especially these days where the sweater weather just kicked in. I do incorporate other neutral eyeshadow when working with this palette, since it can be too intimidating to have a total smoky plum eye look in the afternoon.

If you want to invest on 1 palette for your daily look, this is definitely not the one you should pick. The colors are great and looks really pretty, but using this palette only will be too much for everyday. If I'm to compare this and the &Rose Flowering Eyes Palette last year, Flowering Eyes has greater color selection, from neutral to dramatic shades, while this Fantastic Color Eyes eyeshadows have better quality overall.

I think I'm gonna rock this palette for the whole autumn this year! Oh yeah, this is a limited edition palette. Usually it's gonna be in the store for several months from now, but once sold out they won't restock it. So, be quick! :)

Thankyou for reading guys! :D muach! xx

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  1. I really love the size of this palette! I personally never like cake form of lipsticks but I would love the other palette form the line! I've seen other beautiful palettes like this from clio online and have been so tempted! Love your look! The shades are so sultry! And yet can be so soft!

  2. Errr... it's weird that there's a lip product in there... the color doesn't really exceed my expectation (it's etude after all), but I like the color swatch~


  3. I was really tempted to get the same palette, only in #2, when I saw Etude House first release it. However I don't really use eyeshadows so it'd just be a waste of money for me lol If only the packaging on the palette itself is as nice as the one on the box! It's a shame that the cream shade doesn't work that well, it looks lovely on your lips ^^ Thanks for the review~

  4. Makeup With A HeartOctober 8, 2014 at 9:57 AM

    I was so sad that missed out on last year's palette and this one looks like a mini version of it. However, I have so many holiday eye palettes on the way-- I really shouldn't be grabbing this one. The plummy colors are beautiful for fall, a nice change from all the browns lol. I LOVE the juxtaposition of the summery daisies and "Bloody" halloween xD

  5. Love the idea of this palette especially because it's quite different for Etude House. However I agree with you that mixing a cream product in with eyeshadows is not a good idea. I feel it somehow cheapens it, or maybe I just hate li products in small shallow pans.

  6. Plum red and purple tones seem to be the "it" color this season :) this palette is perfect for that.
    Love the look!

  7. The shades really scream Fall :) But, yeah, I wouldn't expect much from a cream product inside an eyeshadow palette :s

  8. I love the shades! There all such fall colours! Thanks for the review!

    Michelle xo

  9. Besides the shade pale (which really lives up to its name) I'm surprised the others are soo pigmented!! The colours are beautiful too...I think I'm going to have to order myself a palette! Although, I probably wouldn't use Bloody Kiss..


  10. limited edition makes me wanna buy it ASAP ^^
    But I know I dont need it :(


  11. All the shades looks really pretty on you but I probably won't be able to pull off the smoky eyes look... The zombie kiss color actually looks quite pretty on the adv though I don't think it's looks good in real life :(

    Love always,

  12. That Funky Horror shadow is screaming my name what with Halloween coming around the corner! This is a neat palette that I'll have to try as well!


  13. Etude House never cease to amaze me with their all-in-one products! Who would've thought that this palette includes a lip color and blusher as well :D Thanks for the review!



  14. The colors are so beautiful - but you're right, they're too dramatic for everyday looks. Thanks for the review!

  15. Beautiful colours, very lovely I like ^^

    恵美より ♥


  16. what a nice review! i just saw this palette on instagram and i really want to buy it but first i need to check the review and there you are 😁 this is a nice palette but then i remember i just want this palette bcs of the burgundy color is so hot this year but 2014 is almost over so yeah maybe i need to resist the temptation 😢

  17. I also have & Rose Flowering Eyes palette and I found that the shadows on these new palettes are just as buttery. The colors are close enough an alternative to those who were left wanting by the discontinuation of & Rose Flowering Eyes. :)

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