REVIEW : VDL's Perfection Wear Foundation

Heyho! Today I'm going to review my new favorite Foundation of the moment from VDL! I know a lot of you might not know what is VDL, because the brand is still quite new on the market and I've talked about the brand before in my VDL Haul Post, if you're interested in the brand you can definitely go to my post and check it out!

VDL has 2 different variation of foundation, one is Real Skin Foundation and one is the one that I purchased, Perfect Wear Foundation. The foundation contain 30ml of product and retail for KRW 21.000. Mine is in shade V303 and this is the darkest shade they have out of 3 shades available. Well, the do have a unique shade numbering, because the separates the base color into Milk, Apricot and Vanilla, but each of them only available in one shade which baffled me.

The description on the packaging stated : "Due to light oil ingredients, which find the most ideal oil/moisture balance of the skin, and the perfection skin powder, which completely and naturally cover the flaws, we present long-wearing perfect skin." - well it reads matte finish, full cover, and I'm sold! (Forgot to write this! It has SPF 25 PA++)

And I always adore VDL's simple and 'that-looks-expensive' packaging. (And I got 30% off - even though i don't need more foundation, I took this to the cashier anyway)

 Ingredient list

So it got a pump that dispense perfect amount for my whole face. It almost has no scent to it and the consistency is definitely on the creamier side, but it's still really easy to blend. You'll see on the swatch above that the shade is actually a tad too dark and yellow for me. Which surprises me because I always tend to go for the darkest shade in Korean cosmetic. Though it's not even a problem, it blends great to my skin. I even just realized it mismatch after taking the swatch picture lol.

I say this product did all the things it claims to do. It has a great coverage, made me forgot to use my concealer everytime I reach for this product. The finish is on the matte side, though I still have to set them with my translucent powder because my skin is super oily. It's really easy to blend, and felt very very light on the skin. I can compare the finish to my Makeup Forever HD Foundation for its coverage, I even prefer this one because it doesn't feel as 'heavy' as the HD foundation.

Overall, I totally love this product, very suitable for oily/combination skin (dryer skin try the Real Skin Foundation, it may works better for you!). As always, the lack of shade is one of the problem. And further more, VDL is somewhat still and unknown brand and I think it will be quite difficult for people outside South Korea to get their hands to the product :(

Gosh. I love this foundation and I uses this almost everyday because I adore the finish it gave! Doesn't give me any dry patches of any dryness because of its matte finish. Love it!
Anyway, thankyou for reading! And the lipstick I use below is gonna be on the next review, I hope!

Lippies : Innisfree's Color Glow Lipstick in #06 Maple Burgundy Pink

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  1. i think my skin type is pretty similar to yours (or no bc i think i'm oilier lol) i would like to try out this foundation later in the future!! bc i think it's too early for me to use foundation lol :p btw the makeup looks gorgeous on you ;__;


    1. haha! I'm super oily too!! If you can get away without foundation, then don't!! D:
      thankyou for the compliment :*

  2. Finally a korean base makeup which seems to have a strong yellow tone! The foundation looks great! :)

  3. ahhhhhhhhh i want this but i live in Thailand .... too bad


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