My Summer Foundation Routine!

One of my favorite video to watch in Youtube is people doing their foundation routine! I don't know why, but I just like watching people doing that, and I do believe foundation is the one that makes the biggest difference in human face! Muahaha

So this is the routine that I like to do recently, they're surprisingly photo-friendly and quite light on the skin. I do this routine almost every morning now, because apparently even though it's (almost) summer break I still do activities that make me look 'proper'. I also believe putting on makeup is manner! lol

I'm not professional of anything, so don't judge me :( 

This is my face, without anything. nothing. graaaah. My velcro ribbon hair stuff there is from Etude House, I got them for free! L

et's jump into the process! 


First, after I put on my skin care and moisturizer, I like to put on some sunblock first. I'm using VDL's beauty sun, I have small review HERE. Make sure you massage everything and blend everything well because sometime SPF products could left white cast if not properly blended. 


I let my sunblock absorbs to the skin for a few good minutes, then I dab on Benefit's The Porefessional  on 5 points on my face, the middle of my forehead, nose, both cheeks, and in the middle of my chin. And blend them throughly. I also let them sits for a while for better effects. 


This is preferable, I usually put on concealer first then foundation / bb cream. Of course you can do after, but I prefer to put them before so that I could conceal everything that is would still visible after foundation. That way I will putting less foundation because the 'big' blemishes is already concealed. I'm using MAC studio finish concealer in NC20. It's quite whatever. 

You can see I'm dragging the concealer to the cheek area, because this concealer is lighter than my natural skin color, so it could double up as highlighter. I don't usually erase all the darkness under my eyes, because it will closed up my eyes and make them smaller, and so weird. So usually I keep the outer part un-concealed.


The most important part of everything, foundation! After I shake the foundation, I squirt some on the back of my hand and dab it first on the half of my face. And with Real Techniques' Buffing Brush, I just buff them in to my skin. Then I repeat the same process to my other half face. The reason why I did that is because this particular foundation dries really fast, so I have to work it on as quick as I can. 

The foundation I'm using is Innisfree Mineral Water Foundation, it have SPF 15 PA+ in #23. It have just-a-little-bit dewy finish, it's light weighted and the coverage could be build up too! Currently loving this one for summer! (got compliments too, that's why I can't let this foundation go)

Never never ever forget to blend to your neck area! 


Next is a process that is as important as foundation, setting powder! I'm still using the same brush to apply my setting powder. I like translucent powder better than just regular compact because they feel more light weight and absorbs my oil much better. I'm using Banila Co.'s Prime Primer finish powder. 

I like to buff them in rather than sweeping the powder all over my face. And after I got everything powder I like to get back to the T-zone either with this powder or a regular compact, depends on the oil level that day, because I tend to get super super oily in the T-zone.

Even if you have dry skin I still recommend you to powder your face lightly, so that your foundation/bb cream/cc cream whatever you're wearing is not melting off your face. Just to make sure they set in place.


Finished! Also don't forget to apply lip balm (which I completely forgot) for less flaky looking lips! 
Usually after that I contour my face and do some eyeliner job there. The picture above is just after foundation, no contour and highlighting. 

This routine not only give a medium coverage (or light, depending on the foundation amount), also high in SPF and very light on the skin. This is the routine I definitely gonna rock through out the summer! 

Thankyou so much for reading! 
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  1. Sooo cute!!

    우왓 마지막 표정 너무 귀여워요!!! XD

  2. i really really need those items....esp the foundation! nice product review as always kak <3

  3. Great tutor dear :D


  4. Thanks for sharing this! I want to try some of those products too! xx


  5. Stumbled upon your blog and thought I'd just pop in to say hi! Followed you on bloglovin :D


  6. Ah, aku juga suka banget lihat foundation routine beauty gurus di youtube >.< Thanks for sharing ;)



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