REVIEW : 3 Concept Eyes Blusher

 eyes and blusher, somewhat contradict.

Hi guys! Today I'm going to do a review about a makeup brand that I actually never heard or try or even see until a week ago. This is "3 Concept Eyes" Blusher, I bought this over stylenanda.com click here for the page! I believe it's on sale from KRW 23.000 to only KRW 11.500. I bought them also for KRW 11.500, and if after you read my review you decided to buy it, BUY IT NOW while it's on sale lol

I'm not sure if this is a makeup brand that Style Nanda actually produces, or just one of other brands that is available over Style Nanda because they carry alot of other brands too. I've been living in Korea for about 2.5 years now and I can't even believe myself why I haven't even check out Style Nanda before?? I think I was blinded by the magical world of Gmarket. Which is also a-we-some

This Blusher comes with 3 color, and this is in #goldbeige. And apparently the other color choices is not on sale. At first I was somewhat skeptical about buying make up products over the internet, especially when it is something that I haven't see in the person myself. But despite of the all un-sure-ness, I did purchase this. (along with a bag and a ring. OH stylenanda I fell in love)

The reasons are : 1. They're fairly cheap, because..... 2. They include a brush (woooooot?) 3. The packaging is so simple I love it!

You can't see it clearly in the swatch but it had a very very slightly gold shimmer in it. This is definitely gonna be my summer bronzer. Of course you could use this as a blusher, but I think it could be come as quite harsh on a fairer skin, but I think it will be very very nice for tan/darker skin.

The brush that comes with the blusher actually quite nice. Fairly dense and also comes with a leather pocket (Whut?) which doesn't look cheap at all. I personally don't apply my blusher with a kabuki brush, especially this brush because it is just too big for me. I think I'm gonna wash it (I use them to apply the blusher for the sake of this blog post) and save them for travelling purpose.

If you go to the page I linked above, you can see the model rocking this statement blush look + simple eyes + nude lips. You can totally make similar looks like that, using the blush brush that come with it. I tried to remake the same look but, meh, yeah..........

And if you're looking for a new blush/bronzer for the summer I can definitely recommend this for you! I definitely want to try more products from 3 concept eyes and I'll be blogging again if the time come for me to kalap again muahahaha



  1. Great review!

  2. envy you. but thanks for sharing about make up, because I really need to learn about it.

    1. why envy me! haha thankyou for visiting! :D

  3. I love 3 concept eyes. Would you like to follow each other on GFC?


  4. Sis, ini beli dimana ya?
    Aku liat di website stylenanda kok ga ada ya? Apa uda discontinued?? :(
    Mohon bantuannya. Tq ^^

    1. halo sis, iya nih linknya udah ga aktif lagi yah :( aku cari di websitenya juga tyt udah discontinued :( maybe that's why it's on sale TT_TT

  5. everytime i search 3ce review, i always stumble on your blog :D
    nice nice review XD

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