REVIEW : Banila Co. Clean It ZERO in Radiance

Remember my last year Banila Co. Haul post?

This is proves how giving out sample(ssssssssss) actually did have marketing effectiveness.
I came to know about this product from the time I did some shopping in Banila Co. last year and they gave me some samples with my purchase. And they said this is one of their favorite product. 

Not until last month I actually tried the product, just out of curiosity. It works like magic. It cleanse away my waterproof mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, everything!! Honestly speaking I never encounter make up cleanser that look like this before. So it's really something new to me. And I'm glad I found this.

Banila co doesn't really have any English explanation on the packaging so I tried to read the Korean instruction, and it said that this is a product that removes makeup. I was like, wuuuuut because the surface of the product just so, how could I say this, plastic-y. Until a few trial and error, it's not long until I got the hang on how to use the product. It's actually really easy, don't be fool by its appearance!

So this is how you apply it according to the instruction : 

물기가 없는 손에 적당량을 덜어 부드럽게 마사지하듯 클렌징 한 후 물로 씻어내거나 티슈로 닦아냅니다.
translation : After taking suitable amount of product and massage them (into your face) with dry hands, clean them away with water / tissue.

I usually use makeup wipes to remove them. Tried to wash them before but it's rather hard to do. So I prefer to use make up wipes. And then after that I use cleansing foam to wash my face throughly. Before I use the product to remove makeup from my whole face, but recently I just use it for my eyes and lips. Of course you can do your whole face, there's enough product for you to do that. 

Inside they have a separator between the cap and the product in which you can keep the little spoon there. I really recommend to keep the plastic separator, also the little spoon because it will be much hygienic to scoop out your product with the spoon rather than using your fingers.

It retails for about KRW 22.000, but I think I got enough amount for the whole year. I still keep the sample 

Contrasting with the plastic-y appearance, it actually felt like gel-cream texture or as it said on the packaging 'sherbet' texture. The ingredients contain Mineral Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil, Collagen etc 
And there are 4 variations of the product :

Clean It ZERO - Resveratrol
Effective for reducing large pores. Contain grape seed and olive oil tightening in the skin.

Clean It ZERO original 
It's cheaper than the other KRW 18.000
Suitable for normal skin, contain acerola and herbal essences for moisturizing the skin.

Clean It ZERO - Purity 
Suitable for sensitive skin, might have to work it in more than the other, newest one in the family
Contain No artificial pigments and fragrance, No Alcohol, Mineral Oil and with null-additive paraben

Clean It ZERO - Radiance
Effective for whitening, contain viticin and moringa essence for brighter face

I don't actually need whitening or whatsoever, it's just the sample that I got was the 'radiance' one, so I don't bother trying the other. If you're not sure about what you should get, ask the staff and if possible, ask for sample first. Because the product you got is quite a lot and it will be a waste if it doesn't work for you. 

As for me, I have an oily-combination skin. Even though this product could left some oil behind, it does not make oil in my face increases. Especially I use the product mostly in the night so this product helps my skin to moisturize before I sleep. 

I still keep the sample container, so I can scoop out some products out to the container and I'm good for travel. I think the product is really easy to apply, even for travel because you can get away with only this and wet wipes. I've been skipping facial foam at night after cleansing my face with this product and it didn't break me up or done something horrible with my face. 

Overall this product is da bomb. I don't think i could find anything that could removes my Maybelline waterproof hellokitty mascara as great as this!! Cleanse + Moisturize all in one!! 

all remove without excessive scrubbing, which is totally bad for your eye area as they're thinner than the rest of your face. So less visible wrinkle, less time to cleanse up



  1. They look really amazing! Thank you for the review! xx


    1. thankyou for coming by! I love your blog!! :D

  2. thanks for sharing. lovely blog <3


  3. Hi, I loved your post. I've recently used the banila & co clean it zero purity and it works great! It is really good in removing my waterproof mascara too!


  4. This has been a helpful review of the different types of clean it zeros...thank you!! :)

  5. Hi ^^
    can i ask something, for acne skin what types of clean it zero ?????


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