REVIEW : Wannabe Cushion Tint & PLUSPLUS

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....Now to the review! 

Today I'm gonna talk about product that have been particularly popular from this Spring, "Wannabe" Cushion Tint by Aritaum! Following the trend of this Spring-Summer, simple eye makeup look with statement lips, Aritaum released this product early this year, now followed with eyeliner and eyeshadow sticks with variety of colors. 

Also continuing on the 'cushion' type of product tint. I think overall Aritaum did a great job on inventing this lip cream/tint combo with a cushion bottom. 

#1 Olivia
#2 April
#3 Blondie
#4 Janet 
#5 Adela
#6 Natalie
#7 Nikita
#8 Summer
#9 Yonny 
#10 Leslie
#11 Lip Concealer - Claire

Not only available with huge color selection, their naming is just easy to remember, they have assigned unique design for each of the products. So it's kinda nice especially if you ended up having some of them, you don't have to open the cap one by one to see the color because the packaging will tell you. 

I bought mine quite a sometimes ago, when they had a 1+1 cushion tint sale. But I end up buying two of the same colored one because I want to give it to my friend, Febby. So mine, (and the future Febby's too) is No. 6 Natalie. 

Among all 10 colors (Didn't count the lip concealer) Janet and Summer/Yonnie is the most popular. Janet is such nude pink color that suits almost every Korean skin color and Summer/Yonnie have a orange accent that is popular recently. And the reason why I chose Natalie is because when I bought the product there are not many colors available :( so yeah...

Quite one the contrary, a lot of my Indonesian friends prefer Natalie over Janet, and not surprisingly A LOT of them have it. Also Adela is also popular among us. 

The product itself slides very very smoothly. Does it stain your lips? Not as staining as a water/creamier type lip tint but it does leaves a very slight color of the lips. Comparing to other lip tint, this product moisturized my lips better. 

This product might not the best on the pigmentation, but of course you can somewhat built them up a little, or the best way : "Cushion them away". Using the cushion on the other side of the stick, you can blur out the color with out using your fingers. Very compact if you like to make those 'ombre lips' look.

One thing I realize from using the cushion though, it could leaves your lips a little bit drying after ward. 

Here is the swatch of the product :

Personally I prefer not to use the cushion, only the lip tint, just like I apply any other lip color. Also one thing I notice this color (Natalie) have a slight orangey color, and in some skin color the 'orange' might look more visible. 

Overall, I liked the product and it looks pretty natural, I don't know if I'll be purchasing more color though. I'm sure if you go gmarket you can find them in a nice price (around KRW 5.500 ~) I really recommend this product, especially this product is always sold out on the sale period. lol



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    1. checked and cool blog! followed you thankyou for coming by :)

  2. love this liptint! i also purchased natalie on my second purchase ^^

    do you live in korea now? :D

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    1. thankyou! :D I also followed yours! lol yes I live in korea now hihii


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