HOW-TO : Golden Bronze

Hello, Humans! Finally I got these how-to post ready to post. I've made this look since, weeks ago. I definitely took more time than I should, damn that procrastination! (Basically I'm just Bitstrip-ing and watching "Secret Love" and "The Heirs" really..)
So lemme have a sip of caffeine here and let's get this done! 

This look is inspired by autumn weather that is soon changes to winter. Autumn is my favorite season ever, when the weather became cloudy and gloomy and cool and breezy. I just love everything about the fashion too. I got to wear my darker lips without feeling exaggerated on daily basis. 

To balance out the dark tones autumn make us wear, I tried to use colors like gold and bronze that I don't usually pick. The result is definitely more dramatic than what I pictured on my mind. But hey, let's rock this! 

1. Taking my warm bronze color, i used a medium eye shadow brush to fill only half of my lid, toward the outer part.
2 & 3. Here I take my gold shadow and filling in the rest of the lid I kept clean before. Don't over blend because we want this to pop! 
4. I used a fluffier brush to fan out the warm bronze color to make that smoky look goin' on
5. Finally, taking a dark shimmery brown color and put that on my outer corner. 
6. Blend everything out! And I used the brush to also contour a little bit just over the inner corner. Just to deepen the look, and you can totally skip that.
7. Next, is the process we can't skip on, I put the gold color in my inner corner and the bronze color in the outer corner to balance eveerything out.
8. The eyeliner, my favorite part! I take a creamy black eyeliner and line both my upper and lower water line. 
9. Using a pen brush eyeliner, I make a slight cat eye and apply a couple coats of mascara and. WE'RE DONE!

          THE RESULT        

What do you think? I paired this look with a warm brick red lipstick, Terracotta from NYX. But I definitely think that this look works with nude lips too! 

Thankyou for coming by, have a great day everyone! 

   product used   

LIPS nyx "round lipstick" in terracotta
e.l.f "little black beautybook" - warm edition
nature republic eyelash curler

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  1. I love your hair color and the tutorial it's look good too ^^
    I'm just dropping by to tell you that I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! Find out more here http://chencipiet.blogspot.com/2013/11/award-liebster-award-discover-new.html

  2. This eye makeup looks great for fall! It matches your hair colour so nicely ^_^


  3. I wish i could rock dark looks like this like you always do ;( i definitely will look even bitchier than i already am if i put on this kinda makeuo lol


    1. I'm sure there's a lot of youtube tutorial for dark smoky eyes for a specific eye shape! your comment is so epic btw lol

  4. I love it! and you look so gorgeous!!


  5. u have a nice lips..really enjoy this post..^_^



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