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Next on the 3CE parade is 3CE's Jumbo Lip Crayon! There are two shades that I'm going to show you today, #Bohemian Pink and #Mad Red. Well, #Bohemian Pink is mine and #Mad Red is my sister's, but I'm going to just incorporate everything in this post lol

When I see these, there's another one particular product that got into my mind, which is Nars' Jumbo Lip Pencil - I'm pretty sure these are heavily inspired by Nars' products. But I never tried Nars' so I can't compare them :(


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Jumbo Lip Crayon"

      type of product      

#Bohemian Pink & #Mad Red

KRW 15.000

Style Nanda english site

In the past, I was very reluctant to buy this because of the design. It used to be literally a pencil and you have to sharpen them from time to time, and it's just too annoying for me. But I saw them on the store and some (not all) had turned into retractable design! :D Few days ago the product page had magically disappears from Style Nanda's webpage - apparently they're undergoing a design change so probably in the future all the shade will be in retractable packaging.

The crayons are really simple, just black with white logo and name, plus shade indicator on the bottom of each sticks. The product is really slim and pretty short - it's travel friendly and it's just look very cute to be brought around :p

One thing I'm curious about is, when it was still in 'crayon' form (like when you have to sharpen them) is the product really goes until the end of the crayon? Because that's very generous of them - since mine, the retractable version only contain probably 3 cm long of product and that's just sad.

#Bohemian Pink is described as 'Pretty pink beige - calming down your lips color'. 

#Mad Red was described as 'Retro yet innocent-looking red' shade. The packaging's color indicator looks very dark, but it's not as dark really. It's more to a warm tone red shade.

I think both glides pretty well on my lips, and it's not creamy but more to a 'balmy' feeling? I don't know if the formulation also changes as the packaging is changing, but it definitely didn't look as creamy-glossy looking like the pictures on the website are. 

Also it kinda hard to build in the colors to be as vivid as the pictures - swatches below are layered atleast 3 times and that's the best color I could make out of it. I didn't think the pigmentation was bad, but it's just not as good as the pictures suggest - and since a lot of StyleNanda customers are online-shoppers, it's really misleading. 

The Jumbo Lip Crayon has small surface to begin with, so applying the color to match my lips is really easy! I was really impressed with the red because I can make clean lines out of it easily. It's also great when you want to make gradation lips, because the tip is smaller than regular lipsticks. 

One super bad thing is that when the lip color started to fade away, it'll make my lips dry and the product left overs just stuck into my lips lines. That's very disappointing (and unattractive), really. And these lip product didn't stain your lips, so don't expect that it'll stay long in your lips. 

Cute, sleek packaging
Easy application, easy to control
Glides on pretty well
Not sticky
Retractable, no need to sharpen

Pictures on web are misleading
(the finish & pigmentation) 
Could be drying, and settles to lip lines
Bad lasting power

I used #Mad Red in my "How I do my eyeliner" post and a lot of people compliments the lipstick shade D: Even though I know that the negative sides kinda a lot, I still want to try other shade and maybe buy #Mad Red for myself D: 

I know some people that hated this product because it's so drying, but again, everyone is different. Some people might hate it, but some people (like my sister) still thinks that this product is the best thing that happened to her.

I am a very impulsive buyer. I admit that. Despite of all the bad side that I really disappointed for, I might still buy another stick of these. help me!

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  1. 3cm long? Dikit banget ya produknya.

  2. dikit bangetttt aku juga kaget pas coba muter.... aduh ntar deh update picture! D:

  3. Ahh im in love with mad red! and bohemian pink is perfect for everyday use <3
    But I think I will skip on the and save my money for something with a better lasting powder and pigmentation. But I also have to agree that im still in love with it, it looks so chic <3


  4. Mad Red is such a pretty color but it doesn't seem quite worth while with all the issues these have..

    Also I love your blog! Your reviews are so helpful, I really appreciate them a lot.

  5. Oooh huahahaha untung baca kamu dulu. Kalo bikin kering aku ga mau :( padahal mau beli #mad red-nya T_T


  6. I'm sorry to hear that the pictures are not right! I'm also an online shopper and depend on those photos! that's bad that they aren't accurate! I guess I won't be getting this, I need a moist matte formula and something that last for a long time because otherwise my lips will peel!

  7. Glad you review this. Wanna try this product so much :). The mad red looks nice on you too.

  8. Thanks a lot, Anita! :D

  9. suka yang pink di kamu Filia


  10. Haaa? cuma 3 cm? itu mah cuma 2 ruas jari >.< mahal banget jatuhnya

    The Journey

  11. huhuhuuu sedih banget isinya dikit >.< tapi yang bohemian pink cakep banget di kamu Filia ^_~

  12. Your review is super helpfull as always ^.^ The colors look really nice on you ~~


  13. waaaa makasiii <3 hihihihi

  14. sedih banget pas aku beli belum yg retractable T.T
    pas browse2 web style nanda hari itu, kliatan ud yg retractable smua skrg arghhhh..
    yg bohemian pink wrnanya jd nude banget d km fil, bagus deh <3

  15. It's not that matte, isn't it? Tapi tetep aja pengen ga sabar belinya, pengen coba banyak banget produknya 3CE ^^ Anyway I love your blog, very informative and simple yet classy :)

  16. Aah sorry I thought the jumbo lip crayon is the same with matte lip crayon ;)


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