REVIEW : Skinfood - Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream

Yellow! I can't believe my summer break is coming to the end. GOSH. I will back to the 6th semester next week, though I get to make one off day which is on Monday. So my blog schedule could be messed up now since I have other activities, like choir practice and my part-time job to do other than my school stuff. Even though I know I'll be busier (much, much) but I felt like I enjoy blogging more when I was busy!

Anyway, to the review!

Skin Food's Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream is something that I wanted to purchase from a long time ago. I see a lot of beauty blogger that raves about them and I was reminded again by Sasyachi's blog post, reviewing the product. I've put a mental note to pick one for myself. Retail for KRW 8.000 and I bought them in store. One little thing for Skinfood : the store don't do any kind of sale or discounts so it doesn't matter which time of the year the price will be the same!

The one that I picked is #2 Salmon Beige, there's only two shades available. The description label sure is hidden, I like the idea of hiding them under the label, that way the packaging would like less words. The description is "A dark circle concealer cream with salmon oil that effectively conceals dark circles while promoting brighter, softer skin. The highly concentrated formula applies like a second skin and stays put without clumping, no matter how many layers you apply."

It said that it contain 'salmon oil' but worry not it doesn't smell fishy or something similar to that, tho the samples in the stores did smell like one! Maybe it's expired or exposed to the sun a lot, so if yours started to smell like one, that is a one big sign to stop using it and get another one!

(You can see I'm very very impatient, I used them even before I took the picture.. )
The color had a slight salmon-pink color that is great to fix discoloration (dark circle) under the eye. The texture is kinda thick at first, but it has a smooth application, so the key is blend blend and blend!
Not only it covered the darkness under my eye, it also adds some brightness.

Down below is the swatches on my hand and my face (warning, super gross eye close up with dark rings)

(LEFT) before application (RIGHT) after application

Although it clearly stated to be used after foundation, I like to apply them before my foundation. And on some days that I want more coverage, I like to double them up with my 3CE's full cover concealer. I found that doubling these concealer made them last longer, less streaks, and they don't set to the lines as much as if I were the 3CE / other liquid concealer only.

I recommend to apply them with finger, as the heat could really help the blending process. Sometimes I also used beauty blender or sponge if I'm in hurry and it works well too. But I always think that sponges absorbed the product way too many and even if you take the same amount of product, sponges will do less than other beauty tools, such as you finger? brushes, and puffs.

For a concealer, the jar is sure looks big, but if you take a look on the side, it's actually not as deep as you would think. But comparing to the retail price and other brand's concealer, you do get a lot of uses from this.

Overall, I liked this product and would love to recommend them! I usually keep my expectation low so that I don't disappoint much, but I've already expect so much from the product. (from reading other beauty blogger's posts, from the fact that it always sold out in some Skin Food stores) However I've been very satisfied and I could say this product had filled my expectation!

Thankyou so much for reading! See you soon! xx

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  1. seems nice! but, rather unhygienic to use :)

    1. you can always use your brushes! But I prefer to use my finger and I always wash my hand before putting all my makeup! :)

  2. i tried using this with my brush the other day and the application was surprisingly nicer!! it looks tidier and smoother with no fingerprints left o_o


  3. i tried using this with my brush the other day and the application was surprisingly nicer!! it looks tidier and smoother with no fingerprints left o_o


    1. yeah this concealer tend to be very sticky, i completely understand you!

  4. i got the eye cream one and it works very nice too!^^
    Looking forward to buy this
    Thanks for the review^_^


  5. Make me want to buy it too T.T
    I have serious dark circle....

  6. I have really dark circles from not sleeping enough, so this product looks very suitable for me. It covers the darkness quite good.


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